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Health Issues, Consequences and Remedies for Freelance Designers


For monitoring and operating all the applications, working of different blogs and websites, administering of multiple projects all at the same time, the IT professionals and Freelance designers require being intact with the computer all the time. This work is not limited to the office hours. A freelance or the web designer is a kind of dealer who is associated and connected with various kinds of people for the sake of his work. Being on computer every time leads to some consequences which are in the form of health diseases. Every business has got some pros and cons but one needs to get them identified and then, cured. Here are some common health issues a computer geek may come across and their remedies:


Due to sleeplessness, anxiety and much of a fatigue in a static position leads to complain of headache which is the most common type of disease nowadays. Headaches are mostly caused due to the extreme pressures on the mind because of being sleepless. Fatigue and pressure on the mind causes the neural nerves to stretch down which causes stiffness in the scalp, back neck. The pain starts off from the back of the head and spreads towards the forehead, neck and sometimes even to the shoulders. The patient has the feeling as if something has been tightened up on his head, disabling him to move. Sometimes due to less sleep, the mind does not relaxes enough and it does not get the right amount of easiness that it requires, which leads to headaches.

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The designers, web developers, and other computer users are often likely to sit at one place. There is no physical activity or movement. Some people don’t consider this aspect as leading to some serious consequences, but according to the latest researches, this is also one of the reasons of the common headaches in the youngsters. Sitting at the static position leads to non-movement and exercise of the muscles, due to which the blood movement in the whole body slows down and the brain does not get enough of blood supply, leading to severe headaches. This common disease of headache can be solved through proper diet and some precautionary measures.

Remedies for Headache

  • Sleep well. A normal person requires almost 7 hours of sleep each day, which helps in making a person to feel fresh and lively. After working for continuous hours on the computer, it is recommended to take nap of few minutes. It really helps a lot in relaxing the nerves and freshening up the mind instantly.
  • Exercise daily. After waking up in the morning, one should develop a habit of doing exercise of about an hour. Take long walk along with jogging. Exercise helps in stretching of muscles of the body, breathing in fresh air gives contentment and formation of new cells in the body, making the whole body to function properly and overcoming various numbers of diseases.
  • Take some precautions while using computer, like avoid staring on the screen for a long time. Take breaks in between. Keep the brightness level of the screen to minimum to avoid strain. Avoid using computer in darkness. It leads to more frequent symptoms of headache because the light directly affects the eyes and mind.

Eye and Neck Strain

Constant and continuous working on the computer or the laptop may lead to the strain in eyes and the back as well as neck. It may lead to blurred visions, short or long sightedness and also pain in the neck which makes the back of your body stiff and stuck.

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  • While working on the computer or the laptop, adjust your computer screen to the level of your eyes. Make adjustment to the place from where your eyes can see straight to the computer screen. This will help in preventing the neck pains to a much extent.
  • After every 20 minutes of work on computer, look at some distant object for at least 20 seconds.
  • Close your eyes after constant staring at the computer. This may give relief to the eyes and the mind as well. It also prevents the drying of eyes which may cause pinching.
  • Adjust the brightness of your screen.


Stress and fatigue are one of the major reasons for insomnia. The over stress of work, which leads to the jugging of thoughts all the time in mind does not let a person sleep.  Freelancers and web professionals deal with multiple tasks at the same time. They need their mind to be active in every second of every hour. So there is a lot of fatigue and stress they need to go through. The person may have difficulties while sleeping; the breathing pace gets faster, palms remain sweaty and there is a lot of restlessness.

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  • Turn off the computer at least half an hour or hour before sleep. Relax your mind. Constant staring at the computer screen leads to stoppage of production of the enzymes that are essential to get enough sleep. Turn off all your work before some time and relax your mind. Read a book or any magazine for relaxing.
  • Turn off or dim the lights of the room for some time and lie down for sometime relaxing.
  • Exercise daily to improve your health conditions. It helps in production of new cells and enzymes which is the cure of every disease.
  • Avoid taking the intake of caffeine, strong coffee, alcohol or smoking. 

Bottom Line

If you are the one who has to sit for hours and use your computer to perform some particular task and you are taking enough rest as well as exercise then you are more likely to fall sick very soon. Most of the time you don’t take rest because you don’t have enough time for that but sooner or later doctor will advise to have bed rest. Hence, care is better than cure. You may not be able to avoid your continuous work but regular exercise keeps you healthy and motivated to keep working for a longer period of time.

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