Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 APK Android App Free Download IP Changer

Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 APK app free download for Androids
Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 IP address changer for Android devices

Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 is latest version of IP changer APK android application which can be used to open blocked websites in your area. It can be downloaded at given link but you should never use this software for any wrong purpose. Millions of people use Hotspot shield VPN for hiding and changing their IP addresses. This android app has following features.

  • It can unblock websites like Youtube, Facebook and BBC etc.
  • It secures WiFi connections with encryption of HTTPS web addresses on your android device.
  • Hotspot stops hackers while they are trying to steal your personal and private information.
  • You are on web as an anonymous person while using APK Shield IP Changer.
  • Android 2.3 and above are supported with this application.
  • Size of app is 4.8 MB and its version is 2.0.5.

So you can download Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 to have good experience and privacy on web. Download and enjoy. Have a nice day!

Android IP Changing App Hotspot Shield VPN 2.0.5 free download


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