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How Much is the Website Worth


People who want to sell a website usually check how much the site could be worth in terms of traffic, domain name, niche and exposure. Few had the good sense to take a look at the aspects of the site that cannot be quantified but greatly contribute to its earning potential. These features are oftentimes disregarded and it is now wonder that many website buyers end up disappointed with the investment that they have made.

It will be wise to check everything that will contribute to the earning potential of a website that you are about to do so. Gross negligence of this simple task can cause failure and the damage that you will incur may not be rectified anymore. You end up wondering why despite all your efforts to drive traffic to your site, you do not earn enough to cover your investment and the cost of running your newly acquired business. Here are some of the immeasurable factors that you need to put into consideration when planning to buy a website.

Compatibility of the Website to the Marketplace

Determining if a website focuses on a certain niche is difficult to do. Some websites may be compatible with two or more markets. Other owners may create a market for their own website. Knowing how relevant a website is to the marketplace that surrounds it is not easy to do. It will be advisable to study a site first before buying it. Websites that are not compatible with the marketplace may not have a very good chance to earn profit.

Life Span of the Website

Some websites may last a few months while others could stay for many long years. There are sites that are created to meet a current demand for goods and services. These websites may earn well while the product that it promotes is in demand but once it become obsolete, the site will lay dormant. A good buyer must consider timeliness and timelessness when making a purchase. Timeliness means that a website could become a good earner because it is promoting something that is in demand presently. Timelessness means that the website’s earning may remain the same despite the passage of time. For example, a site that promotes a certain health product may be timely but could not be timeless. A certain health product may be in demand today but once new products are discovered and promoted, the site for that product will not have any traffic anymore. So, instead of focusing on a particular product, focus on the health niche and update your products as often as necessary.

Recognizing a Good Domain

Some websites may have a domain that is not well-known or highly recognized today. A good buyer of a website must consult a domain names broker and inquire as to its potential. A domain that attracts less traffic today may be tomorrow’s craze and this will create a big difference in the performance of your site. The difficulty lies in the fact that no one can see what tomorrow could bring. But if you read a lot, observe and analyze what is happening around you, you will develop the intuition that will help you recognize a domain that could have a good future.

You can also calculate how much is a website worth with the online tool How Much Website Worth.

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