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How Real-time Streaming Has Changed Internet Entertainment


The internet has come a long way since its inception, and with speeds getting ever faster, we can download anything that we need. One thing that these new speeds have also provided us with is the ability to stream media, which has changed the face of entertainment for all users of the Internet.

Streaming comes in many forms, whether it is music, television and movies, or even games. With music really starting off the streaming revolution there have been many controversies, especially with the royalties for the music we listen to, but thankfully this has been fixed and we can now listen to our hearts content.

With the increase in speed, the next step has been the streaming of television and movies with services like Netflix and Amazon Video. What these services have done is allowed us to have all the shows and movies we want, on demand, and in a quality that can be better than on our television screens. With the move to 4K coming too, this form of entertainment is getting better and better.

With the rise of the new consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 another form of streaming that is showing popularity is gameplay streaming. Through services like Twitch and YouTube you can watch people play your favourite games and become a part of a community, you can even play the games yourself and show off your favourite skills.

What this game streaming touches on is the ability to play games live. If you we’re to explore no deposit casino games, you’d know have also tapped into for many years. We now have the ability to play live roulette with a real croupier on your screen to take your bets. This makes the games feel a lot more real than just seeing a graphical representation of the table and your bets.

What these forms of streaming show is that our world of entertainment is being changed by the internet and the newfound power and speeds that are becoming available to the users. With things set to get even better in the future, the world of streaming will only get better and better for all of us.

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