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How To Blur and Sharp Some Parts to soften an Image Using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Background:

Photoshop contains number of tools which provides an awesome interface for working and solving most of the problem. Like Stamp Tool For Changing Patterns is used to change the pattern of background image we can also insert these pattern on desired location of background, Color Correction Tool is used for fixing dull, black and dark photos whose color tone is destroyed due to darkness, reflection and by usage low quality lenses and its very easy to adjust these problem by varying the shadows, mid tones and highlightsRed Eye Reduction Tool is used for correcting the color of red eye shade which may arise due to lens fault. So these some tools which are provided by this software. We will discuss  more tools in future. So this is out Input Image.


blur image


Blurring Image Using Blur Tool:

Well blurring is achieved by using photoshop tool but some of the cameras like high quality DSLR provide this feature build in which is an awesome feature but do not worry if you don’t have DSLR same results can be achieved using photoshop tools. First we are going to select blurring tool, follow below screenshots to select the tool.

blur tool photoshop


Selecting Brush And Setting Size:

  • After selecting the blur tool select the brush from the top menu and adjust the size of brush.
  • Size of brush can be selected according to type of object. If the object is large like in the image above use size 100. While if object is very small that which need care then select size round about 20-30.

blur image


Start Processing Brush Over Image:

  • After doing above steps move the brush over the object which you want to make blur.
  • Keep moving the brush until desired level of blurriness is achieved.
  • Do not move brush over those part which you don’t want to make blur.
  • I will blur all objects except the character girl sitting and text named Despicable me.

blured image


 How To Sharpen Objects In the Image:

  • To sharpen the object in the image first select the sharpening tool.
  • See Screen Shots below to select sharpening tool.

sharp image


Set Size of Brush:

  • Now set the size of brush and also Choose the brush.
  • After then Move the brush over the object which you want to make blur.
  • I am going to move my brush over the middle portion where girl is sitting.

sharped image


Selecting The Smudge Tool:

  • Smudge tool is used for hiding information in the image.
  • This tool distorts the portion of processed part.
  • Like I am going to distort text Despicable me.

smudge tool


Processing This On Text Object:

smudge  image

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