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How to Draw Anime Witch Magic Zombie

What’s a witchcraft? Witchcraft is a fictional cartoon character, which was introduced is 90’s. ¬†Witchcraft uses some magical word to something weird kind ¬†stuff, which is unethical and bad. So in this tutorial we are going to draw witchcraft cartoon character. The final drawing will contain a witch cartoon character, which will be flying on its magical stick. A magical hat bend at 90 degrees will be on its head.

Witchcraft Sample

This is witch sample image which we are going to drawn, after this tutorial you will be able to draw witch and its magical stick easily if you got little skills about drawing.

witch zombie magic

Draw Oval Shape Head

First draw oval shape with arcs inside it, remember in drawing whenever you start drawing, draw face by drawing oval shape and arcs intersecting inside it.

witch zombie magic

Draw Cap and Shape Face

Now draw the face by giving a rectangular shape from lower ends, also draw it magical cap which is bent at 90 degrees. You can also change shape of cap which suits well on witch.

witch zombie magic

Draw hairs and Eyes

After these steps, always the necessary step is to draw other face parts like eyes, nose and face expressions. Face expressions plays an important role in drawing, so always try to give a unique and character wise shape expressions.

witch zombie magic

Draw Witchcraft’s Body

Now draw witch’s body, this is the most easiest part in the drawing, as you don’t need to draw very accurate body, this is just a cartoon character so you can just introduce new idea regarding its body.

witch zombie magic

Draw Witchcraft Magical Flying Stick

We have successfully drawn witch but witch is incomplete without its magical stuff. So we are going to draw witchcraft’s magical stick on which she can fly all around the world. Consider it imaginary, it doesn’t exist in real. So draw its magical in such a way that witch appears to be sitting on it.

witch zombie magic

Finalize Witch Drawing in MonoColor

We used multi colors for making tutorial for you, So transforming finalized image into mono colors, you people can just use simple mono colors.

witch zombie magic

Finalize Witch Drawing in Multicolors

Now coloring the image to give it a unique and attractive look.

witch zombie magic

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