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How to Edit an Image in Adobe photoShop Using Multiple Layers

Using layers images can be edited & created very easily in Adobe photoShop. Following things can be done easily using this technique 1)  Text Insertion  2)  Background color change  3)  Shapes Insertion   4)  Selection of objects from other photographs and many more things.

In the proceeding section you will learn

  • How to create a multiple layer image.
  • How to apply a layer mask on a image.
  • How to add layer of text in a image.
  • How to add Custom Shapes.
  • How to add effects like gradient.
  • How to Fill Shapes with Patterns.

Original Image :

Dew Drops On Leaves



Follow following steps to learn about layers.

  • First open an image in adobe photoshop.
  • In adobe photoshop layer window is visible on right side like

Layer window

  • If any how it is not visible choose Windows –> Layers. You can also use shortcut key  by pressing F7. Layer window will appear.


Changing the Background Layer:

To achieve transparency this layer of background must be converted into a regular layer. In the layer window double click on background. You will see the following menu. After then click ok.


Changing Background layer in adobe photoshop

You can see the eye icon in layers window if you click on it layer will be disabled image and eye will disappear. If again that empty place where eye was appearing is clicked image and eye will appear again.

eye icon in adobe photo shop

eye icon in adobe photo shop


Applying Mask on an Image:

If any part of image is needs to be disappear mask can be applied. Mask only make some part of image visible depending on the mask shape.  Follow the following images below.

Click On Rectangular Marquee Tool:

Rectangular Marquee Tool



Drag An Area on the Image:

Elliptical Marquee tool



Click On Add Layer Mask Circled Red:

Applying Mask on an Image

  • In the Above Procedure only those areas will be visible after clicking on add layer mask.
  • You can change the visibility area by moving the mask around the image.
  • To do this you have to un-link this layer so see below screen shot for un-linking.
  • After that select move tool. Move the mask around the image.
  • Select the mask and move it at your desired location. After then again click the icon to link layer again.

Unlinking a layer in adobe photo shop



 Adding Effects In the Image:

To add effects in the image follow the following process.

  • Click at Add a Layer Style. 

adding effects in image using adobe tools


  • Now a pop up menu will open select Stroke from the left column.
  • Adjust size,color,fill type,position,opacity etc according to requirements.

adding stroke effects in image using adobe tools


Adding A New Layer to this Layer:

  • Create,add a new layer,click at the icon as indicated in the screen shot.

creating a new layer


  • After you click at this icon new layer is added to this image.
  • New layer is appearing above the image current layer.
  • New layer is selected and is used as working layer.
  • Click and select color you want then follow the screen shots below.

creating a new layer in adobe photo shop


  •  Colors can also be selected from the Color Swatches. 
  • To select color from the swatches see the image.

Select colors from swatches


  • Select Paint bucket tool from the tool select menu.

select paint bucket tool in photshop

  • Now after selecting paint bucket tool click any where in the image to fill it.
  • You will see the image is disappeared like see this image.

coloring in adobe phot shop


  • Our original image is behind this layer so we have to drag our image layer to front side.
  • To do this drag the layer 1 below the image layer.

draging layer in adobe photoshop

Add a text layer to current layers :

  • To add a text layer first click at the top layer, select text tool & click in the image work area. 
  • Write text and set font color,style and size as per requirements.

Adding text layer in adobe photoshop


  • If text is not appearing make sure text layer is at top. If not make it by dragging the layer to top.

reodering layers in adobe photoshop


Adding Adobe Effect to Text:

  • First click at Add a layer style. From the menu select Drop Shadow. 

adding affect to text layer in adobe photoshop



  • Color and angle of shadow can be changed.
  • Make other adjustment according to requirements. Use all effects to introduce to each tool.
  • I adjusted all these. These are very simple just click on following Effects to adjust like Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner glow, Satin & many more. Just hang around to learn all this. See Edited text in image

adding affect to text layer in adobe photoshop using drop shadow inner shadow outer glow inner glow


See finalized image:

Editing in Adobe photo shop

Adding Different Rectangular efftects to Images:

  • You can import your own shapes. Build in shapes are also used for this purpose. You can draw your own shape and import it to this image for performing different processes on that shape.
  • Using this process you can place background and foreground shapes in an image. Layer effects and gradient can also be added.
  • First Select Rectangular Tool For the Tool Box kit. In the option bar click on shape layers.

add custom shapes to images in adobe photoshop



  • Now click at the layer one then apply the rectangle by drag and holding click on right side of image like this.

Shape addition in an image using adobe photoshop

  • You can also change colors according to requirements like this first select color from the color tool box.

Changing the backgound in adobe photoshop



 Adding Gradient:

  • We will add a rectangle in the same way illustrated above. This time we will add gradient to these rectangles. 
  • Drawing another rectangle.

rectangular tool in adobe photoshop


  • Draw rectangle in the below half portion

Draw rectangle in the below half portion



  • Choose layer content –> gradient.

choose layer content and gradient



  • Choose angle, color gradient and hit ok .

choose gradient in adobe photshop



  • See the results of applying gradient at 90 degree.

result of gradient in adobe photshop



Adding Custom Shapes:

  •  Select Custom shape tool in the option bar .

add custom shapes to images in adobe photoshop select




  • To add the more shapes follow the following procedure. First click at the downward pointer then click again at the rightward pointer. From the list choose Present manager.

adding more custom shapes in adobe photoshop


  • A pop up menu will open click at Load. Again a menu will open  click at All. Press ok and Done. All custom shapes are now loaded you can use of them according to requirements.

Select custom shape


  • Select and Add desired Custom shape.

select and add desired custom shape in adobe photoshop




  • Now you can add effects by opening Layer style by clicking at the layer following menu will open.

choose layer syyle in adobe photoshop


  • Follow this menu and keep checking each tool you will get know the function of each tool.
  • I did used some of them final results are as follows.

Final results of editing in adobe photshop




Filling With Pattern:

  • Shapes can be filled with desired patterns.
  • Follow the screen shots that is Select Layers –> Change Layer Content –> Pattern.

select pattern in adobe photshop

  •  From the Pop-Up Menu select Pattern to fill the shape and hit OK.

fill with pattern in adobe photoshop



Final Results:

Leaves with butterfly





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