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How to Get Noticed as a Young Illustrator


Getting noticed as a young illustrator can be hard work as the industry is highly competitive, but there are some things that you can do to get your work noticed. Being creative with your work is imperative and creativeness instils a sense of passion that is necessary to achieve in such a popular sector.

Young illustrators trying to break through and get their designs seen will need to take their creative hunger and refocus it into their quest for success. Having the drive and spirit to put yourself out there will stand you in good stead to be noticed, but having impressive work and stringent determination can only get you so far. Here are some key steps to take to ensure you get spotted:

Create a Portfolio of Work

A modern technique for attracting recognition is to create a website that features an online portfolio of work. The internet is an incredible tool to use for self-promotion as it is visible to billions of people. Showcasing your artwork online demonstrates your abilities as a talented artist and you can drum up interest by creating a blog that intertwines with your website.Another great way to promote your brand is making use of social media (e.g. creating a dedicated page on Facebook or a LinkedIn profile for your brand) so that your audience can easily find you and network with you.

Approach Retailers

Grow a customer base by selling your work through third party websites and retailers. Not only can you increase your own brand awareness by doing this, but you will also earn money at the same time. A good example of a brand that made use of this technique is Lilesadi, a small illustrator brand from the Netherlands. Their work is now featured on a variety of products thanks to collaborations with retailers. For example, they managed to have their designs on wallpaper and canvas prints by approaching wallpaper retailer Photowall.

Sign up for Competitions

Entering competitions such as the AOI awards is a great way to show off your work and diversify your brand. Young illustrators looking for recognition can increase their confidence by winning competitions, and it can also be a great approach to finding new work and making a name for yourself. Previous ROI award winner Jonathan Burton has reportedly stated that at least two of his current work projects are a direct result of him participating in the awards in 2013.

Socialise More

Networking with the right people can be invaluable when attempting to break into a competitive industry and making good connections can open up new opportunities to take your career to the next stage. This means attending industry events, such as the London Illustration Fair to showcase your work, as well as finding the courage to talk to talent hunters who are also attending these events and might be able to promote you.

By having a natural talent and passion for your artwork, becoming an accomplished illustrator may be more possible than you might ever have dared to dream. Remember, it’s all about hard work and if you follow some of the advice above, it can help you on your way to getting noticed.

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