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How to Get your Fine Art Into a Gallery


Now that you have created your masterpieces in Art it is time to invite art aficionados to groove on and own them. But selling in the market with millions of other artists is not a piece of cake. Here is how your plan of action must be for getting your fine art into gallery-

1. Make a Mark on Smaller Platforms

Before approaching the gallery owners it is better you leave your footprint on smaller platforms. Try exhibiting in restaurants, coffee houses and art fairs. These days it is a leading technique to hire services that organize Pop up galleries and those who have taken up the task of changing uninteresting, insignificant and abandoning quarters into living throbbing galleries of art. If you have proven sales in these pop-ups, then the gallery owners will definitely like to experiment with you.

Moreover, when you are not aware of the nook and corners of the industry better rely on the agents providing you pop-up space for making your art galleries. They will accurately plan the exhibition and get it displayed in front of niche audiences. It is their job to set the stage and triumph.

2. Try D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) Approach

If the above idea is not welcomed then here is plan B, you must approach the owners of the gallery with your own work saving on a CD. Collect some high quality photographs in a digital camera and transfer it to a CD. The gallery manager is sure not to concede of seeing your work personally, especially if you are still trying to make a mark.

Do not be very desperate to go ahead and visit the gallery manager in person. Rather get connected by mails, newsletters or postcards. This way you will make the manager aware of your genre and work and when you are sure he knows you, ask for an appointment.

3. Set Judicious Prices

Price is a big coordinate for your creations, and if you tag them injudiciously, they will not get sold. This means the doors of the gallery are going to close on you! Rather make a conscious effort in visiting the art exhibitions of other artists to know the price range.

4. Find Galleries with Similar Work

It is recommended that you uplift your banner in similar platforms and not in galleries that deal differently. For example if you are selling oil paints there is no point in exhibiting in galleries that sell sculptures.

5. Referrals

Referrals work like magnets and words spread faster from person to person in this business. So try to maintain some referrals. If there are friends in the same industry, build a lobby where you will be recommended by others. You will do the same too when you are successful!

6. Engage the Ideal Service Provider

Germinating artists especially need the right platform at the same time the best logistic services that their product has a seamless transition from the wall of the gallery to the wall of the buyer.

Cadogan Tate has been offering integrated services to its customers for over three years now. They are adept to store and ship the priceless pieces of art to their destination with impeccable concern. This has posed a lot of flexibility for the buyer- he only needs to mention the size, the place and get instant quotations. How beneficial it is for the bidder to plan and bid accordingly, considering the shipping charges well in advance! From the security point of view, it is also an immense gratification for the buyer to know that his shipments are in safe hands.

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