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How to Host Your Websites on Google Drive


Google Drive will come to rescue for all those who have a website but do not have a web server to host it. Google drive supports not only the basic websites but also the complex ones that use java script to run the apps. The websites that are hosted on the Google drive are able to run static content like the HTML pages, CSS, audio/video files and even images. You can also allow secure browsing to the websites running on this server as it can sustain the HTTPS URL. Here are some quick steps to host your website on the Google drive.


Single Step Procedure from Computer to Google Drive

Start with adding all the website files into a folder and then adding that folder into a zip file. Once the files have been added, you can then upload it to the Google drive. Your public URL will be generated after the upload is complete. Do remember to click the “authorize” button to allow the Google script upload that zip file to your Google drive.

Also ensure that you have the index.html file which is mandatory for someone to access the homepage URL of your website. You will also have to do with the standard structure of the URL which is googledrive.com/host/ which cannot be changed. It is not possible to host a website via Google drive and have your custom domain name.

Website on Google Drive with a Different Web Domain

It is also possible to run a website hosted on the Google Drive that uses other domain than the one provided by Google when you use its server. All you need to do is put your Google drive website URL in the IFRAME tag and set the height and width attributes to 100%. This way the Google drive website will be able to occupy the whole screen. However, it is important for you to know that when you run a website like this, the address bar will remain unchanged even if you open another page of your website. The reason is that you are now browsing that website in an embedded page.

The Google drives come across as a very economical option to host your websites if you are a small business and already crunching for finances. To host your website on Google drive needs no additional charge. However, it is definitely affordable it does not necessarily mean that it is also a safe option. You need to have trustworthy antivirus solutions to protect you against influx of threats that plague the world of internet. You can check antvirus.com to keep yourself up to speed with the latest threats so that you can prepare yourself beforehand regarding a looming threat. With all the businesses now running on cloud environments, the information is your best ally to protect yourself against any security threats that are likely to impact your business in a harmful way.

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