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How to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Site


We have produced quite a lot of content on WordPress themes, but until this piece we haven’t really covered practical tips to get the most out of the CMS. Let’s take a look at some easy to implement steps you can take to speed up your site.

Why focus on speed?

One of the factors considered by the search engines when ranking pages is website load time.  With a slow website, your rankings will be affected negatively. Even without the effect on rankings, your website will not be able to retain visitors if it is slow, as many web users of today would rather seek help elsewhere than wait a few extra seconds for your website to complete loading.

So what should you do? Use a better framework

WordPress sites are known for their framework/themes. Always make sure you choose the best and let your choice be guided by the focus of your website.  Using themes that are not working properly will definitely slow down the performance of your website.  Always search judiciously for the best themes and you should consider investing in an exclusive, optimised design if you can afford it.

Get the right web hosting plan

When looking for the best web hosting plan, many people place price at the top of the agenda. Ryan Heath, Engineer at Cloud Hosting specialist http://www.umbeehosting.net/, argues that “price should never come first as that should be the position of quality. With cloud, VPS and managed dedicated server solutions today there are lots of premium solutions at very reasonable prices. The plethora of low end shared hosting solutions has built a climate where many new businesses see hosting as a £5 a month expense. That is fine for those that run a small scale business, but if you are serious you should consider a scalable, reliable, secure, fast server solution.”

Cache plugins are important

You can improve the page load time of your website substantially with the aid of caching. With this technology, parts of your website will be saved on the browser of your site visitors so everything doesn’t have to reload afresh with each click. Your regular visitors will benefit the most from this strategy. The most popular plugin used by WordPress owners around the world is the W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Deploy a content delivery system

A content delivery system duplicates static files, such as CSS and images, to servers nearest to your web visitors, making it faster for them to assess your site. These systems are known as CDNs and there are lots of free ones online that can be incorporated into your website delivery strategy.

Optimise your images

Images are very important parts of content in today’s online world.  Posts with images are bound to get more attention than those that are just ordinary blocks of text. However, having many images on your website means longer load time for your pages.  Optimising the images is a way toreduce the increasing load time while avoiding a loss of image quality. You don’t have to optimise your images manually; it will take you a lot of time. This is why plugins like WP Smush are there for WordPress website owners to use.

Implementing some of the tips we have covered here will improve your website load time a great deal. This will lead to better traffic, better conversions, and improved ranking in SERPs.