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How to Increase Conversions by These Simple Web Design Tips


Images on a website go a long way in enthusing life into a dull page. Interesting images attract more visitors and thereby increases the conversions. The era of just browsing the website is over and people now like to experience it. Despite this fact, there are many websites that have failed to realise the importance of well integrated images into their content. Here are some tips that can be used to boost footfall and also increase revenue in the process.


Images Add Human Touch

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words. This is especially true for businesses that are running on their virtual presentation. In absence of feel good factor, people will not be willing to invest their hard earned money on anything that your website is soliciting. In order to increase conversions, make people buy for the emotional reasons. If you are able to use the power of emotions effectively through your web design, you can get much better results.

Use a Mascot

Mascots are something that can be associated with your company just by the look of it. Most companies use mascots for branding purposes as it has a high recall value and it can also create a certain bonding with the visitors. When they are used in the web design effectively, it helps in solidifying the image in mind of your audience.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

When the technology has so much to offer, why not leverage it? The problem with most companies is that they are not able to think beyond a certain limit. People are craving for uniqueness and creativity and they instantly respond to things that are different. The images that you use in the design should be attractive, different and must be very descriptive to give the idea of what your business is about. For example, trendmicro.com uses effective imagery to show to its users that they are a virus protection service provider and one can instantly get the idea about their scope of work by looking at their website.

Prove Your Authenticity

Websites use the testimonials of their clients that validate the authenticity of their work.The use ofimages alongside these testimonials of people that are happy using the service speaks volumes about your mission to keep customers satisfied. Everyone today would like to have a third opinion to be convinced about their choice. These testimonials along with the right images will provide the emotional validation that is required to build trust. Higher trust means greater business.

Step Into the Customer’s Shoes

If you are looking to increase the conversions then you must learn to choose the right images to go with the content. Through your website, you have to make the customers believe that it is about them all along. Some companies get a web design which sends a strong message to the visitors about how happy their customers are and provide a much more personalised touch rather than commercial.

Don’t Use Redundant Photos

The worst thing to do to your web design is to use the redundant photographs that have been used and overused for a long period. They do very little to add any value to your business and much less to the customer’s opinion about your company. Don’t be afraid to try something outside of safe and tested approach.

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