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How to Make a Bingo Game in Microsoft Office Excel 2007


One of the main reasons for the global popularity of bingo over such a long period (500 years) is the sheer simplicity of the game.  A game of bingo can be played with very little requirements.  All you need is something to make a card and something to mark off squares with.  Another reason why the game of bingo is so prominent around the world is its sheer versatility.  It can be tweaked to make it a perfect learning age for young children, a popular pastime for adults or even a fun way of keeping up with a live sports event.


If you have a computer and a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, creating bingo games is a no-brainer.  Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be playing your very own game of bingo in no time.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application.
  2. Select one of the cells in the top row, ideally F1 or G1.
  3. Type in the word “BINGO!” and centre it in the cell.
  4. Increase the size of the text around 36points.
  5. Type the letters B, I, N, G and O in the five cells directly underneath the “Bingo!” heading.
  6. Enter a list of bingo numbers in cells I1 to M15, so you have 75 different ball numbers.
  7. Design your 3×5 cards using excel (do this in another sheet, one card per sheet)
  8. Once you have finished making each card, label them accordingly (Card 1, Card 2 etc.)
  9. At this point, write down the headings for the card, at the top in the middle of each card.
  10. Now, write five numbers below each of B, I, G and O.  Type only four numbers under N and type “FREE” in the remaining space.  Ensure that all number boxes are centre-aligned too.
  11. Make the card larger by increasing the font size, and changing the cell sizes accordingly to make sure all of the test appears as required.
  12. Copy the card you just make made and paste it into another sheet.  At this point, all you have to do is change the numbers.
  13. You can make 3, 4 or 5 cards, although the recommended number is 4.

As you can see from the simplicity of this process, you could set up a game of bingo in no time at all.  Why not invite your friends round and put some sort of prize up for grabs for the winner.  You can also use Excel’s inbuilt random function to make the ball calls.  By entering a simple formula into a cell, you can have the program select a random number from the balls available.  In this case, there would be 75 balls to choose from and you would have to type “=RANDBETWEEN(1,75)” in the cell.  When you do this, a random number within the specified range will be generated and displayed in the box.  For selecting the next random number, all you have to do is press CRTL+C+ENTER!  Repeat this process until someone fills their card and shouts bingo.

It may not be possible in excel, but with a bit more sophisticated programming software, you would be able to design the game is such a way that the numbers would be automatically chosen on a timer.  On top of this, you could implement a voice reader, which would say the randomly selected numbers out loud.  In this way, you could experience nearly the same gameplay at home as you would get in a bingo hall or an online bingo sites.  However, if you have checked out some of the new bingo sites2014, you’ll know that some of them are packed full of so many features that a homemade game simply could not compete.

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