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How to Set Sizes of Image in Adobe PhotoShop


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”emy” width=”600″ ]Use Image Size Command In PhotoShop[/box]

Sometimes we wish to play with the  resolution and dimensions of an image. You may want to Change the size of the file. You must Make sure that the resolution of the image which is going to be printed is appropriate.

  • You must Adjust the dimensions of image so that they are just right for viewing on computer screen.
  • You can modify the height, width , resolution , Pixel , Dimensions , Samples of any image for printing and some other kind of output like printing in banners,ads etc. Now we will process the following image in photoshop.

Image Size

Adobe Photoshop Tools can do this magic , it can set  size of an image in all these ways by using the built in the Image Size command which you can find in the image menu. Follow these steps to resize your image:

  1.  First Open the image after then choose Image then Image Size. Now You will See Image Size dialog box opens.This is the dialough box where you can implement above techniques.Image size
  2. Now Check  the current sizes states of  image and decide whether any of the values which are showing in the related fields needs to change in order to get a accurate image size for producing the desired outcome which is needed.
  3.  Now see in the above figure the original pixel dimensions of image and the output image file size. In the above figure shows 2080 pixels ( width ) & 1360 pixels ( height ) for a file size of 8.09 MegaBytes.
  4.  In the Above Figure Resolution is 2000 ppi, well this is very great to display this kind of image having 72 pixel per inches, but not good for printing. If you print this image ,it will be not smooth as it looks in computer screen. So, to print this image, this image needs to be reduced. This is done by altering the size of the image so that total number of pixels are bundled together into smaller area , now our you will not see an image which is made up of square. Actually all image is made of square, difference is that square are so small that naked eye can’t see those squares under normal conditions, thats why images looks well.
  5. Please Make sure that Constrain Proportions check box is selected. The chain & bracket icon in the above figure Size area shows that Constrain Proportions check box is checked. If this checkBox is enabled and if you change one value in the  width or height Size this makes the other values change automatically in this way proportion is not disturbed. There are many other options like scaling through which you can change the scale value.change Image size
  6. Since at this stage you are not interested in changing sampling so make sure that the Resample Image check box is deselected. When you sample is concerned, pixels are added and delete in the image.
  7. Enter new values in the dialog box according to requirements. If image is used for printing purpose using a value of 300 pixels per inch for resolution is recommended. The other values automatically change due to constrain proportions.
  8. Now at last Click ok.

reduce image

You will notice that any difference in the way your image appears on screen because you have not added or deleted any pixels you have merely compacted them into a smaller space. Congratulations! You have just safely resized your image. You can proudly say, “No pixels were harmed in the making of this image.”

 image size redused

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