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How you can choose best laptop


Laptops are most common and famous category of computers due to their flexible operations. Everybody in search of a good laptop but this is a problem that how could you choose a best laptop for yourself. Some users are gamers like to play games and some are businessmen who do light work. Some need heavy processing and some use it just for light work or entertainment. Some can able to purchase expensive laptops and some need budget gadgets.

How to choose best laptop

Many things are important while choosing laptops but main factors are CD ROM, Processor, hard disk capacity and RAM. These have big impact on performance and price of your laptop. Most important thing is speed for any device and it is based on processor and RAM particularly. Today you have many types of processors like core i5, corei7, Intel Atom and many more to have good performance. Cooling system should be good for processor to make its performance better. If you are gamer then you should choose heavy processor along with good graphic processor.

Laptops processor
Processor for laptops. Intel Atom, Core i5, Core i7

Laptop’s speed also depends on its RAM that decides that how many applications could be run at your device at same time. Now many laptops are in market with RAM support up to 16GB. So big capacity of RAM enables you to do heavy works like graphics designing with listening music and you can do more other task at the same time. But if there is smaller RAM, your system will be near to die with little heavy operation.

Laptop RAMs

DVD drive is another big option for your PC. You should have DVD-RW for you system that will provide you a very flexible function. You can watch movies with HD quality by inserting disk in you DVD Rom and you can also burn DVDs and CDs through it. Speed of DVD Rom it also important factor and you will see DVD drive with speed up to 52X in market. This is the speed of Rom to read data from disk.  USB ports should be there to connect external devices with you machine. Today, laptops are offered with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.


Hard drive is data storage device on which you save your data to get it back again after. Now hard disks are available with very large capacities up to 3TB (1TB is equal to 1024GB). Revolution speed should also be seen at the time of purchase. This is the speed of hard disk that increases rate data transfer and data storage.  So you have a very large storage choice for your laptop and it is depends on your work. If you have to use your device only for office work then you need not big storage but if you have to use your machine for entertainment then you should go for big capacity hard drive.

Hard Disk

Windows compatibility is also big issue. Some laptops of older version do not work correctly with latest version of windows because of their old hardware. Windows will not work correctly of you install forcedly to your laptop. Today a big feature is also included in latest laptops which have touch screen input. You will surely enjoy it due to its flexible operation.

Besides these things, there are some more things that may change your opinion while selection of PC. Laptop should have low weight, thickness and price. It should be equipped with latest connectivity features like HDMI port, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, VGA port, audio jacks for headphone and microphone, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. Price should be normal according to specifications of laptop. Upper described points may have not too big impact on price but display type, speakers, webcam, scanners, printers and other things of these types can change price of your laptop. So keep in mind all these things when shopping and you will find a very good device for yourself. Have a nice day.

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