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Images for the Soul


The Almighty is the biggest artist of them all. God’s earth is filled with millions of spectacles. From snow caped mountains, lush green meadows and dense forests to gigantic oceans and awe inspiring deserts, we can see the signature of the maestro all around us. Artists, given their love for nature, have always tried to preserve its beauty using their talents. A painter spends countless hours recreating God’s marvels on a canvas. A poet uses verbose verses to praise the exotic sights around.

Sun Rays in Forest

Technology has enabled us capture the blissful sights with time as our ally. The camera, invented to preserve treasured moments, has allowed photographers to capture and secure what casts spell on the eye and soul.

Elizabeth Gadd, a Canada based photographer from Vancouver; took some breath taking photographs of nature that are a treat for the eyes and a soothing balm for the soul. It is a series of photographs, each showing a woman enjoying some of nature’s most mesmerizing sights. The first one to catch attention is a woman standing amidst waves of the ocean, as the sun is setting. The way Elizabeth Gadd captures the sun’s rays filtering through clouds painting yellow brush strokes is amazing and one cannot help but be wowed.

Yellow Sun Rays in Ocean

Another ocean shot shows a woman lying on the sand while foamy white waves brush against her. You could almost feel the pleasant sensation of the clear ocean water on your own body. There is also a picture showing a young woman along with man’s best friend sitting on a lone rock, surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful lake.

Girl and Dog

Nature’s true beauty cannot be comprehended without the sight of sky scraping trees in a dense forest. Elizabeth Gadd’s work shows how expert she is at capturing the daylight shots. As in the first picture, a women is seen standing on a naturally built ledge, while golden sun rays play hide and seek and battle the clouds to reach the ground. There is another picture, where a young woman dressed in a beautiful pink outfit is standing amidst tall trees and grass. The color of the woman’s dress strikes a contrast with the surroundings and creates a spell binding effect on the beholder.

Elizabeth Gadd has captured some perfect sceneries and it is highly recommended that each of her pictures are to be closely studied and commended upon. Take a look at these pictures and join me in praising the Almighty for his immaculate creations.

Girl and Sea

Red Sun Rays

Relaxed Girl in Park

Girl at Lake

Girl, Myst and Forest

Girl Sitting on Mountain

Girl Standing at Lake

Girl Mountain and Tree

Calm Night at Sea

Girl in Green Forest

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