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The Importance Of Directx for Gamers


Playing with a gaming console is a pretty common thing. Consoles are designed in singularity like one graphic chip, one processor, predetermined memory and other hardware configurations. Most gamers are familiar with consoles at least even by name.

PC gamers on the other hand are reliant on a PC that can perform well enough like a console. That’s where gaming machines come in handy; right from hardware to software, these PCs are created keeping in mind the requirements of a gamer. One of the key software required for gaming is the latest DirectX version for your PC. A PC gamer understands the benefit of having DirectX in their machine and the need to update it.

Understanding DirectX

It is a software of Microsoft that interacts with the PC’s hardware. DirectX is created to handle tasks that are related to both rendering 3D and 2D graphic vectors. It also includes audio and video playing.

Of course it’s not the only one in the market, but it has surely overtaken other graphics-oriented APIs like OpenGL. The growth of DirectX over the years has made very relevant and important in any PC and not only for gamers. It is disputably unmatched in the market and it only gets better with the newer versions.


When you are going to buy a gaming console, you’re looking for specific things and the main focus is usually the graphics card. Your PC cannot utilize the hardware to its fullest without DirectX and that’s why it is extra important to gamers.

Developers have created games which require a CPU with high performance and graphics card. The game compatibility is also an important issue. A good game should comfortably run on any system. PC gaming is more than just the hardware components. DirectX is aimed at focusing the computer tasks on the graphics card so that the main processor is free and the gaming experience isn’t bothered by the background activities.

Other than that you can boost your PC speed by installing two graphics card. DirectX enables the PC to utilize the cards at the same time. It gets even better if you have multiple cores. This means that the entire load is not concentrated in one place.

PC Hardware

A gaming machine is designed to handle very complex tasks. Looking at any gaming machine, you will realize that the capabilities are remarkable. Making the most of it on the other hand can be quite difficult without the DirectX. It eliminates the concerns that may arise whether or not the hardware capabilities are being implemented as detailed. You want to take advantage of the computer components and have the ultimate experience. Considering how much the gaming PC costs, you definitely don’t want to be using it for just basic tasks. With that in mind, getting DirectX is a smart move especially if you’re a gamer. Don’t underestimate the power of gaming machines; they can do so much with the right software.

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