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Is It Important to Measure Mechanical Shocks on your Goods in Transport?

In a global economy like the one we have today, the things we purchase travel for long distances and for varying periods of time. Some merchandise travel for short distances, by truck driving at high speed on bumpy roads, while other travel for months in containers on cargo ships, in planes or even on trains. During transit, merchandise is exposed to all kinds of conditions. Regardless of the distance travelled, any mean of transportation will apply forces to your goods and other products. Furthermore, temperature changes from one region to another might be so drastic that it may cause damages to certain goods.

Think of food for instance. Some fruits might do well in both warm and cooler weather, but if exposed to too much heat they will all eventually lose their freshness and begin to rot. This is why refrigerated transport trucks have sensors that monitor the temperature regularly and records the data for tracking purposes. Your product might not be as fragile as fruits or vegetables, but it deserves the same attention.

From packaging to transportation, it is important to protect your valuable products. Even though not all parcels will be dropped, kicked, tossed, or purposefully abused, the vibrations they encounter during transportation might be sufficient to damage delicate parts or fragile pieces. In the packaging stage, you want your product to be snuggly protected within the cardboard box. Many materials can fulfill this part such as foam beans or bubble wrap. Sometimes, Styrofoam encasing is selected to keep your product safe within its box. But what happens outside the box?

On ships and in trucks, humidity levels, water infiltration and even vermin attacks are only a few of the obstacles your products will have to overcome to reach their final destination. Boxes will be piled on top of each other, pushed tightly against one another or compressed against container walls. Some boxes will even serve as step stool for someone to reach over. If your labels do not clearly protect your product, what will?

Safety solutions offers a wide range of tools that can measure these forces for you. Different sensors can be placed on the exterior of your packaging or even inside your boxes to track changes in movement and temperature. Using technology, these sensors collect the information for you and allows you to track a shipment’s status as it travels through the country or around the globe. Monitoring mechanical shocks helps you ensure that your goods and products are handled with care from conception to delivery.

Considering the complexity of the packaging industry followed by the tribulation of transportation, it only makes sense that you want to ensure your goods and products are in careful hands. By measuring the mechanical shock to which they are exposed and tracking it, you will be able to save money on good replacement and damaged material. As well, transportation operators will think twice before manipulating your products carelessly if sensors are visible on the packaging.

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