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Improving Your Online Security


When we start using the internet sometimes it can be easy to forget how open we make ourselves. We sit at a computer screen or tap away on our phones and tablets, and security can be the last thing on our minds.

What we tend to realise though is that the internet is not a safe place, especially for your information that you share with people. Many times your accounts that you use on social sites, and online banking rely on you keeping your password secure, and this is where a weakness can be found.

Some of the worst things we as an online society do is to use easy passwords, use them multiple times, and even worse keep the recorded for people to find. With this in mind, how can we improve both our online security and online security for mobile phones whilst we protect our passwords from abuse?

Managing Online Passwords

With passwords being the key to many of your accounts, it probably comes as no surprise that thousands of them tend to be stolen on a daily basis. This Is not only a problem for normal users, but for businesses too.

One of the ways that these passwords are stolen is from password cracking. This tends to be done by repeated guessing of a password until the correct one is found. This can even be automated with a password list run through a system giving it the examples to try when logging in. This is often known as brute force attacks.

As an individual what you need to do to protect yourself from being “cracked” is to create a secure password using a variety of characters so that the passwords are not common. Using longer passwords (if the system allows) also provides an added level of security as the combinations are even higher.

When it comes to the character’s use, be aware that the password can be case sensitive. You can also use symbols such as @,#,%,[,] and more. While creating passwords using these characters can be hard, password generators can create strong passwords for you.

The key is to create strong passwords that won’t be cracked by an intruder easy. Then you can protect your accounts.

Password Usage

Aside from using Anti-Hacking tools from Logdog for an example, another way to protect your passwords is to regularly change them, and only use them in one place. This may feel like a confusing process to keep changing them regularly, but it leads to more protection as the attacker has less time to guess the password (or steal it).

The important thing about passwords is that they are protecting you. With this in mind always keep them safe and most importantly secure. In a world where the password can be the difference between safety and identity theft, having a complicated and annoying password is essential to have.

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