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Incredible Tips for Black and White Photography in The Light of Beniot Courti Work


The French photographer Benoit Courti initially started his career as a musician but later on he developed an interest in black and white photography. He could create some professional portraits and photographs in black and white colors which gave him fame in this field. His amazing atmospheric shoots, animal life images and portraits defined by lights are the master pieces which got worldwide appreciation. He seriously took photography as profession in the year 2010 and by now his powerful photographs have impressed many intelligent minds.

Black and White Photography

Black and White photography is the art of taking images in which only the Black and White colors are prominent. The contrast of both shades and the resulting grayish shade due to the blend of the two colors create exclusivity in the black and white images.

3 Essential Ideas Used by Benoit Courti in Black and White Photography

RAW Shooting

  • RAW shooting is more appropriate for black and white images. You can see the difference in the post production results.
  • Usually cameras don’t allow shooting in raw but if you have a camera with this option then try black and white photography. You will find it amazing. Even if you have JPEG camera, you can go for black and white shooting.

Keep ISO Lowest

  • If you have an option of altering ISO, keep it to the lowest for black and white photography. For colored images high ISO can be beneficial or it can give you results which don’t actually kills the beauty of the image. But in black and white photography low ISO is very important. You need to have no grains in black and white image in order to keep it clear and understandable.
  • In black and white images it’s hard to reduce noise after in post production therefore it is recommended to either avoid ISO or keep it lowest.

The Right Time for Shooting Black and White Images

  • The right time to get a black and white picture is during a glooming day or in a low contrast environment.
  • In a bright sunny day the images shot out door would not appear appealing. Whereas in a rainy or gloomy day where the sun is not much visible, the images wont loose the impact and their effect.
  • In a gloomy day, the perfect blend of both black and white color could be easily achieved which gives a perfect color collision.

Bottom Line

Although it seems very easy and convenient to shot black and white photos but actually this work is pretty technical. Hence photographer must be highly skilled to take the appropriate photos. The above given tips could help anyone who is fond of black and white photography and he may create wonders with the help of these guidelines.

Here is work of Benoit Courti:
















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