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5 Infographics for Beginner Photographers


The beginning of anything needs proper knowledge to experience in order to gain maximum. It is the important to begin photography with the required knowledge, dedication and attention. Most of the beginner photographers complained about the stuffs they purchase for their photography. Every one wants to become professional in a day after a photo capture. Patience is the significance pre-requisite for the quality photography. Since haste makes waste, you should get some practice first. You need some technical as well as visual knowledge for your photography profession. There are Infographics available on the social networks that would enhance your skills to get experience of understanding the quality photography persona.

Here are some quality guidelines to start your photography with.

Photography 101: An Essential Photography Infographic for the Beginner

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Your Flash Modes and When To Use Them

Color Temperature Scale

Basic knowledge

Photography needs practice to perfection. The first thing that you may be confronting of is the importance of light for your picture to take. The picture light has the immense importance for a quality exposure. First you have proper settings of light on your camera with the surroundings as well. Second, you should study of the camera manually before you start with photography. It will give you efficient knowledge to understand how the shutter speed and aperture to be adjusted.

Format of Image Sensor

The lens of a digital SLR camera depends on the format of image sensor. The large size compact camera and smart phone cameras have different sensor format. Senor is the main thing of the digital camera for quality shooting. The megapixels don’t matter with size of camera lens such as Nikon D40; 6MP digital camera has far good shooting impact than Nikon S600 with 16MP.


You should be aware of the aperture, which describes the hole in the lens of the camera. It determines the magnitude of light to be passed in the camera sensor. The f/1.4, f/8 etc on the lens of the DSLR shows the aperture size of camera.

Shutter Speed

The shutter of the DSLR opens and closes with capturing photographs. When the shutter opens it allow the light to expose to the lens of the camera. You can find the shutter speed adjustment button on every DSLR. The likelihood of your photograph is depends on your camera shutter speed. In order to get quality picture exposure high shutter speed is better than slow one.

ISO Settings

It is the sensor sensitivity basic settings on your digital SLR. The larger sensor of the cameras shows better ISO performance. The lower and higher ISO performances determine the picture exposure with bright or dull color schemes. In this case shutter speed also helps in the quality picture exposure with different ISO cameras.


Hopefully the above guidelines would provide you some assistance in handling photography. Keep practicing in the art of photography, because in this field efficient knowledge will give you effective experience of high level professionalism.

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