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Inside a Super Hero’s World


Super heroes are comic characters brought to life, initially by cartoon animations and then by the silver screen. Many of us love and envy super heroes like Super Man, Batman, Spiderman and many others. Moreover, there are a lot of us who would go anything to be one of them. However, being a super hero always comes with a catch.


A super hero is loved and adored by the masses; but it is only this public love that they can afford. With the exception of Iron Man (Tony Stark) and The Wolverine, all super heroes have to keep their identities as secrets. They cannot let anyone get too close to their lives. This is the price they pay to be the masked saviors of the world. Has anyone ever thought how lonely these heroes might get? Despite being loved by all, they cannot be committed to someone and can only dream of sharing true love.


Illustrator Cosmosnail from Lyon depicts just how lonely these super heroes can be. In his illustrated series titled “A Lonely God”, Cosmosnail presents minimalist images of various super heroes on duty. The saddening thing is that as much as they have done for their communities, they are always alone in their fight against evil.


Iron Man is shown patrolling a landscape all by himself. Even Pepper is not there with him. Another illustration shows Super Man floating outside the Earth’s orbit, keeping a close eye on everything; once again totally alone. The Batman is also shown very busy in his research. The best illustration in my opinion is the one of The Wolverine. He is walking alone in the snow, bruised and battered. Wolverine is probably the loneliest of the super heroes. His immortality combined with his animalistic rage has failed him in finding true love.

Batman Portrait

All these illustrations tell us one thing. Being a super hero comes with a price of being lonely.

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