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Interesting Tales About Graphic Design


There are different stories roaming around us about graphic design and becoming a professional graphic designer. Some stories are fictitious and based on a person’s perceptions about graphic design, while other stories are based on misconceptions of clients about graphic designers and their work. In order to solve the mysteries of graphic design, we are sharing a comprehensive review of graphic design.

Graphic Design is an Easy Job

Lots of people think that a graphic design is the easiest job around the world and with a few days of practice, they can compete with any professional graphic designer. Just sitting before a computer and spending more time does not guarantee you to become a world class graphic designer. No one can become a successful graphic designer without taking a lot of stress. This job requires dedication, knowledge and experience.

Graphic Designers Are the Richest People in the World

Normally, people think that graphic designers are the richest people in the whole world. For us, this is not true. A graphic designer can hardly save 10% of the total project and still lives a struggling life.

Graphic Designers Are Experts

A graphic designer only turns an idea into a design. He does not know everything about the clients need and can only design a product on the basis of the client’s vision and objective. No one can transform an idea into a design, until proper information is given about the design.

Clients Are Absolutely Right

Most of the clients think graphic designer can design anything because they are being paid for the job, but unfortunately graphic designers face limitation and use standard techniques to design a concept. They use a different set of skills that are learned during their school time, work and they always try to make a better design.

Graphic Designing Is a Time Consuming Job

No one can perform as faster as a computer, but still a graphic designer takes his time to give a final outcome by the usage of computer tools. By using computers’ tools, h/she can perform faster and efficiently, but he/she can’t provide a quick solution in any project. For a creative design, he/she needs a lot of time for planning, researching and executing the project. Being a graphic designer, one needs to learn a lot before executing any designing project.

Graphic Designing Is Not Everyone’s Job

Graphic designers are born with natural creativity and no one can acquire such creativity by merely learning Photoshop tools.

Besides basic skills of graphic tools and programming, a designer should be socially active person, a creative mind, well disciplined and must have abilities of thinking out of the box.

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