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Internet A Health Bet?

Internet is a modern day necessity. It started in the late 1960s and today anyone and everyone with access to a computer is an internet user. Over the years, the internet usage has grown at a quantum rate to say the least. It is used for communication, social networking, information and many other purposes.

As we all know, access of everything is bad. Recent studies have shown that over usage of the internet affects us in many a ways. It is estimated that Americans spend an average of eight hours per day on computers, and that 5% to 10% of internet users are addicted to it. Here are some not-so-fun facts about the internet:

In America, 85% of adults and 95% of teenagers use the internet. On a global level, one out of every 7 people is on Facebook! The pundits predict that at this rate, there will be 3 billion internet users worldwide in 2016 which, by the way, is almost half the world’s population. Moreover, the internet economy will reach $4.2 Trillion (Sob!), making it a, the 5th largest economy in the world and b, putting it ahead of Germany!

One tends to think how an innocent little thing like the internet can harm us. Well, I am here to tell u folks, it’s a cerebral assassin. As mentioned earlier, 5% to 10% of internet users are addicted to it. To add to the horror, 1 out 3 persons consider it the equivalent of the basic human needs i.e. food, water and shelter. Didn’t see that coming did you? Hold on, there’s more. Recent studies claim that some internet junkies got a special treat; with several small regions of their brains shrinking by 10% to 20%. Top that! I mean how big is a brain anyway? 1130 cubic centimeters in women and 1260 cubic centimeters in men (no offence ladies, you steal the show when it comes to heart). So imagine losing about 20% of something that is already quiet small but the most dependable. The studies also reveal that access of internet usage leads to depression and other mood disorders. On a more visible level, musculoskeletal disorders and eye strain are common outcomes of over usage of our friend, the internet. In older times, bullies were limited to school, but thanks to the internet, a new breed known as “The Cyber Bullies” has been introduced. Shockingly, bullied children are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide. This is an alarming fact and compels us to start thinking seriously. Ours truly Facebook is a contributing factor in 20% of divorces. No wonder divorce lawyers are doing much better that wedding ministers.

So my friends, internet is for us, we are not for the internet. Don’t let it ruin you. Use it, don’t abuse it. Get a bird’s eye view of the infographics below and think about it. Cheerio!


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