Iphone IOS 7 Features And Improvements

  Welcome To See IPhone IOS 7 Features And Improvements

Apple iOS 7

“IOS 7  traffic increases as WWDC nears.”

ios 7

iOS 7 has been started with a desire to  take an experience people love & make it better .To make it more popular it even simpler, more useful and more enjoyable but still feel instantly familiar. The design of IOS 7 is given above this design is beautiful it’s all of those things. And it’s start a new chapter for ios.

iOS Concept & Settings:

ios 7


iOS 7 iPhone 5s

ios 7

More Design

“iOS main menu with exciting new features.”

ios 7


A question arise in mind that why ios is more important?

“We are starting to see iOS  really fall out of favour with nerds like ANDY Ihnatko.”

There are two things which are important and they need to address with this outstanding and upcoming update: to engage the nerd audience, who is easily bored, and attack some of the obvious low hanging fruit that still exists in IOS.

Keeping The Nerds Happy:

The issue of keeping the nerd community happy. Yes, this is a smaller demographic than those of us in it would think, But it’s loud and influential group. We write blogs, have podcasts, and most importantly, talk to our non nerd friends and family.

Mobile Technology:

Mobile technology is seeping into real world and more than it ever had before and the vibe that we have bubbles up into the mainstream media. Likewise, If my wife listens to me gripe constantly about how much I am frustrated with my Nexus 7, the less likely she is to buy an Android tablet when the time comes.


“Videos of the software, Guarded by an NDA, have proliferated around the web, showing of features Apple didn’t during it’s keynote event.”

ios 7

IOS 7 By Frep

“The world most operating system.”

IOS 7 wallpaper widescreen in a great HD wallpaper for your computer desktop, available in wide resolution.

ios 7

In Different Color The Back Screen:

“Check out the mockups below and don’t forget to visit www.stylebizz.com for more.”

ios 7

Front Screen Of IOS 7

“Having a great look.”

ios 7 design

ios 7


“iOS 7 new lock screen concept, clean, simple and intuitive.”

The lock screen concept of the new iOS 7 has been completed overhauled from the ground up. The slide to unlock implementation is still present, but  has been made to occupy a lot less screen real estate and is now located at the top of display to make room camera, Siri and Maps at the bottom of the display. The whole things is clear in it. It is most simple and uses clinical colors with clean cut lines to emphasize on the elegance.

ios 7 lock screen

 Main Lock Screen

ios 7 lockscreen

Your Favourite App’s:

“Now Time To Show You Your Favourite application.”

See The Difference Between iOS 6 & iOS 7

Have a look.

ios 7 apps icons

New Look For Apps iOS 7

“A clear neat and clean design.”

ios 7 apps icon


“Most stylish look of calendar of iOS 7.”

ios 7 calender


Experience The Music

“In iOS 7 experience music in a whole new way. You must enjoy this with a clear and a loud voice.”

ios 7 music

ios 7 experience music

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