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iPhone Photography Ebook: Creative Mobile Photography


The age we live in allows us boundless creative freedom with the help of the innovative technology and modern measures we have at the ready to be employed and taken advantage of. One of the greatest waves in modern mobile technology in our times is inarguably the iPhone 4, a mobile miracle that paved the way for all the gadgets and devices that followed.

With the evolution of the iPhone over the past few years, it has become crystal clear that technology knows no productive and progressive boundaries. It has been a long and productive road to this point where our lives are made manageable, memorable and enjoyable with the existence of smartphones. One of the greatest features brought by mobile phones and remarkably enhanced over the passage of time is that of mobile cameras.

The iPhone is currently the most widely used camera across the world. Advancements being such as they are, allow us to physically carry our camera everywhere, ready to take a shot the moment we feel like it. That in itself is the first step to becoming an amateur photographer. Many a great professional photographers today claim to have started out exploring with a mobile camera.

While the iPhone may perhaps never cease to be the most hands on and widespread form of taking instant pictures, it’s capabilities far exceed convenience and practicality. The iPhone is in fact a masterful tool of creative photography. Learning to use it may result in stunning photographic masterpieces and unique knowledge of modern photography. This eBook, ‘iPhone Photography’ is a guide on how to do just that.

iPhone Photography: Breaking Anew through Creative Mobile Photography

Make the best of your iPhone and this eBook by achieving…

– Stunning improvements in your regurlar iPhone snapshots.

– The best use of your iPhone, always on you while on the go and travelling to different places.

– Looking to become part of the growing mobile photography community by sharing your photos online.

– Go crazy with your unique creative abilities and spontaneous productivity at every turn of your daily activities and life.

*Note: This eBook is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s and the new iPhone 5.

What you’ll Discover

This eBook is a concise 106 page compilation on how to master the art of iPhone photography throught three main skill sets – Shoot, Edit and Share.

As you sift through the eBook you will attain knowledge on how your iPhone camera actually works and how you can best make use of it, as well as clever use of the best Camera Replacement Apps.

Advanced shooting techniques through the ProCamera App and the search for compelling subjects among your family, your surroundings, nature, at night and on the go are elements that contribute to how you can gain maximum creative control over the photos you will take.

Learn to develop your own unique photo editing style by going through a rundown of original iPhone editing options, as well as an outline of the best editing apps covering basic touch ups to filters and techniques. Also, tips on how to make your photos look better with text and clipart.

Tips on how to share your images via the best iPhone photo sharing apps, including Instagram.

Getting your photos ready to print.

iPhone Photography: Breaking Anew through Creative Mobile Photography

Additional Plus Points

This eBook also includes informative guides on important elements such as…

– Simple practice exercises to help master what you’re learning

– Interviews with some of the best iPhone photographers unveiling their tips and secrets

– Visual guides in the form of illustrations, screenshots and diagrams to make learning easy for you.

– An important list of iPhone photography resources, blogs, competitions and fellow photographers.

– How to create your very own iPhone Photography toolkit.

iPhone Photography: Breaking Anew through Creative Mobile Photography

About the Author

Misho Baranovic comes forward to enlighten us with his expert knowledge and experience of iPhone Photography with this eBook. Regarded as one of the world’s leading iPhone Photographers, his mobile photos have been exhibited in Australia, the US and Europe. Misho Baranovic is a very sought after instructor on the fresh topic of iPhone photography. In his eBook, he will be covering several unique tips from his own style of work.

Readers and Reviwers…

“iPhone Photography teaches classic photography tips and storytelling and makes them relevant when using your iPhone as a camera…. If you’re into mobile photography (or just curious about what all the fuss is about) this e-book is a fantastic resource.” – Jen Pollack Bianco

“I bought a copy earlier today and have spent the last 4 hours using my iPhone to take photos I’d never have thought possible with it. As I started to read this it became clear to me why I had been getting such average results from my iPhone in the past and how to improve them. Thanks DPS!” – Barbara Pollock

Compatible with your device of preference…

This eBook is made readable for your computer, iPhone, iPad as well many other devices. The iPhone Photography eBook is available in two formats, PDF and EPUB.

Purchasers will be sent a download link for a zip file containing both formats. PDFs can be read on your computer as well as other devices with Adobe Reader (e.g. iPhones and iPads with the PDF reader app, including iBooks). EPUBS can also be ready on most devices, including Nook Readers, Sony Readers, Knobo Readers and more.

This allows for you to carry your eBook with you wherever you go so you can keep referring to it while out taking photos.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied by this eBook and feel it is not helping your photography within 60 days, your money will be fully refunded no questions asked.


Is this suitable for all iPhones?

These tips mostly apply to the iPhone 3GS and up. Older versions of the iPhone may have limited functionality for these purposes.

Can I read it on my iPad and other reading devices?

Absolutely. Buyers will be sent both a PDF and an EPUB version of the eBook, compatible on most devices including iPads, iPhones (iBooks), PDF, Sony, Nook, Kobo readers as listed above.

Is there a hardcover version?

Not yet, only an eBook version is available at this time.

I need help.

If you have any queries, simply contact the publisher’s support staff with information of the eBook name and your PayPal email address after purchase.

Download Now

Download your digital copy of iPhone Photography today and begin the journey to becoming a brilliant iPhone Photographer.

Download iPhone Photography Now

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