iStonsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer

Transfer Anything on Your iPad, iPhone and iPod to Computer

Are you searching for a tool that allows iStonsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer and transfer photos from iphone to computer? If yes then iStonsoft is there for you. In maximum cases having backup of files will help you lose data from iPhone/iPod/iPad by accident. This tool conveniently transfers all data from iPhone, ipod, and ipad of yours to PC for backup. The data can be Safari bookmarks, Notes, SMS, and Contacts. It is a convenient and powerful tool that will assist you in taking backup so that you don’t lose vital videos, audio, photos, etc. from iOS device of yours. Some of the features of iStonsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer are explained below:

• Transferring and Managing Data – It transfers all data in extremely fast manner as well as manages it. All you need to do is backup data on computer. Using this tool you can transfer voice memo, photographs, music, audiobook, book, TV shows, playlist, podcast, and lots more. Backup will be done in single click and irrespective of the iOS device that users are using this tool will help them finish entire transferring with ease.

• Two Different Modes for Viewing Files – There are 2 different modes namely List view and Thumbnail view for viewing as well as managing files. Its intuitive interface allows users to display all information that they want.

• Find Files in the Shortest Time – This tool comes with in-built filter as well as quick search option so that users can locate their target files easily. They just require typing file name and the file will automatically be located. They can search via various criteria like artist’s name, genre, title, album name, and so on.

• Batch Transferring and User-friendly Interface – Irrespective of how many files one wants transferring, this tool allows them with just one click. It is a 100% secure tool with no virus, spyware, or adware. You can also transfer music from iPhone to Mac which is one of the best features about iStonSoft. iStonsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer can easily transfer almost all your files from iPhone to Mac for backup or sharing without any problem.

Transfer photos to computer from iphone

1. Connect your iphone to PC using USB cable. Now launch iStonsoft iPhone for computer transfer. Properties of iphone can be seen in addition to other information like generation, version, format, type, and so on.

2. On left bar open library. Select photos that one wishes sending from their iphone to their system. In case you wish transferring all photos to the system, select “Export All Photos” from File menu given on top.

3. Cross check photos selected and click on Export for beginning the transfer.

Export songs to Mac OS X from iPhone

Connect Mac and iphone and launch iphone transfer for mac that is already installed. This will show you iphone model, version, capacity, serial number, and format.

1. On left item go to music item

2. Select and mark music files that you wish transferring to Mac

3. Click on Export option for starting the transfer of songs from your iphone to your Mac.

You can also synchronize itunes so as to easily transfer music to iphone from your Mac.

So then what are you waiting for? Get your iStonSoft Now!

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