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Keys to a Successful Sales Conversion


When moving your business into the online world, you are creating a shop front that can potentially bring you with no end of success, if done right. With that in mine we’ve decided to look at how to get a successful sales conversion from your website, and what you have to get right if you are to catch your customers attention.

The Dangers of Jargon

If websites offer anything, it is the ability to provide lots of information to the customer, as well as providing pretty pictures of what they may buy. What you must be careful of though when putting the information on the page is just how you do it. If you fill the content with jargon and confusing ‘industry speak’ you will lose their attention.

Make sure that you understand who you are aiming your website at and use words that are designed to entice them to buy. Complicated words can just put them off, and send them to competitor’s websites who could steal your sales.

A Simple Experience for the Customer

Websites may be flashy and use bright colours to entice the customer’s interest, but there is one number one rule in design. The user interface you are creating with your website has to be easy to navigate and get them to where they want with the least number of clicks. If the customer is having to click numerous menu items just to find what they want, you may find them clicking away from your website instead.


If there is one thing that keeps the customer coming back, it has to be incentives. A good example of how incentives can work well is the best online casinos. Offering incentives not only to sign-up to their service, but also to keep the customer coming back has been perfected by these sites. With free games, money offers for extra bets and even match bonuses, there are no end to the incentives that bring customers coming back. Take a look at these types of sites for ideas of how to keep your customers coming back.

A Strong Brand

If you want to keep your website in your customers mind you need a good design, and branding that is recognisable to the customer and memorable. Impress them with a good design and they’ll keep on coming back, and importantly recognise your company as one they trust.

The customer is your main importance when building your website, so make sure you are always looking at what will please them. Get that right, and you’ll find them not only coming back for more, but also buying the product you are trying to sell.

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