Landing Pages Design Tips and Examples

Landing pages are an important tool for Internet marketers across the globe. Each landing page design must be catered with tenderness and built with the user experience in mind. There are plenty of optimization tactics you can apply to webpage mockups to get the best out of your website traffic.

We’ll be going over some of the best guidelines for proper UI design and landing page tips. There is no one-size-fits-all answer and you can mix around different strategies to see what works best for your niche. Also try networking with other Internet marketers to see which landing page products yield the best results.

Build off Simplicity

Landing pages will attract the most attention when built over a simple platform. Page layout is extremely important since it’s the first indicator for which any visitor will judge your website.

After page load the product and branding should be clear in a flash. This can be done with large headlines and powerful imagery above the fold on your page. You may consider keeping 2-3 sample headlines to rotate through A/B testing. Analytics can help earn you more money and at the end of the day it’s the marketing effort which counts.

Ensure your headlines aren’t just bold and large but offer some value to your visitors. Write compelling web copy to entice visitors to click your links and share your products. It can help to break up the page into smaller-size headlines with bits of news in-between.

Exquisite Grammar and Language

Customers will truly be traversing your landing page under the intentions of figuring out your end game. You need to come across as a comforting, trustworthy salesman without ever seeing your clients in person. This means your landing page will speak volumes about you and your products.

When you have visitors filling out their billing and shipping information, they know there is a level of trust between both you and them. This is just one more reason to build a strong connection between your customers. Proper spelling and grammar will show them you mean business and can be fully trusted to supply an excellent product or service.

Incorporating in-page testimonials is another great way to demonstrate trust. These should include praises or real-life expectations from past clients using your products. It never hurts to e-mail past clientele or offer a free version of your product for demonstration purposes.

Press mentions can be incorporated into a similar category. Having your product reviewed on a blog or digital magazine can do wonders for your presentation. It can become even more viral through YouTube or other video sharing services.

Produce a Call-to-Action

Bringing in tons of traffic and visitors to your website is just the first step. Once you’ve got people skimming your content and interested in your product it’s important they have a next step to follow. For most companies this will include purchasing a product or browsing your online store.

The best way to get users to act immediately is to draw in their attention. Offer them a free e-book or trial download before they purchase anything. This can be a great way to capture their e-mail address and update them with future releases or new products.

Big, shiny buttons have become commonplace in the web 2.0 landscape for good reason. Visitors will act on these and have been shown to perform more comfortable actions when dealing with sizeable UI elements. Make page text clear and easy to understand and you’ll be sure to hook a few sales this way.

Offer Quick and Easy Support

Many software companies will offer online chat support for clients periodically. This may be a bit extreme in all cases, but it is a great way to connect with customers and solve issues remotely.

The alternative to this plan is offering an e-mail address or phone number. Customers should have a simple way to contact you in response to errors or broken pieces, questions, updates, or any issues which may arise. This is an important part of the landing page design and should be incorporated in an easy to reach area.

If you are running a larger operation it may be wise to place contact links in your heading. Otherwise mid-page or even within your page footer is a great place to display contact icons. If you consider offering a live chat feature this is best displayed prominently in the side sidebar where most will see it. If you are online and a visitor asks about pricing you may be able to push a sale right there!

Tread Lightly with Hyperlinks

In-page hyperlinks are great for any average website. They connect visitors with other pages in your site and help to transition around content. However with landing pages all your information should be displayed within the first click. Any hyperlinks you offer to visitors should be leading to internal pages for questions or order placement.

If you have external links to share it would be clever to place these inside your footer. In most webpage layouts there is room to create 3-4 smaller columns for lists of hyperlinks. You can use these for affiliate websites, friends’ pages, or anything else you’d want to share.

The same rule applies for other media such as images or video. Although these can really add some zing into your landing page(s) they should be used sparingly and only when on-topic. If you find that a particular image or video display is actually retracting from sales remove it immediately and open some investigative research into what went wrong.

Always Keep Testing

No matter how many new techniques you try the most important tip I can share is the always-testing mindset. Understand that a landing page is never “perfect” and Internet marketing is all a science experiment.

A/B testing or split testing is a great way to determine if you’re on the right path. You may also consider reaching out to fellow graphic designers in an attempt to see which techniques are working in today’s market.

Continue practicing new ideas and pushing boundaries to see what can be done and what’s just out of reach. If you are working intelligently and utilizing important designer tools then you’ll be set with making a decent living online. Money will always flow with passion and hard work, so just hang in there.

These tips are just a few to keep in mind of the many possibilities for landing pages. Check out our free Internet marketing PSD if you’d like a template to start off building. Marketing is a skill and will take plenty time to develop. As designers it’s crucial to assume the responsibility for these lessons and apply them into landing page website layouts.

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