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Let’s Play Pranks


Who doesn’t like pranks? Well, the one being pranked might not like it momentarily, but sooner or later, all the victims join in the laugh. A prank is a practical joke, the intentions of which is or never should be to hurt anyone. It is just a light and humorous moment at somebody’s expense. We have seen hundreds of viral videos showing pranks that make us smile. Let’s take a look at some of the classic pranks:

Enhancing a car’s look is famous around the world as “Pimping up a ride”. However, what would you think if a friend of yours pimps up your ride using a lot of colorful sticky notes? You walk into your office one morning and Bam! Your entire workstation including your computer is dressed in old newspapers. How about shrink wrapping your dad’s car? This will definitely cheat you out of your allowance.

To travel in space, Star Wars style is almost everyone’s dream. You can get your friend close enough by wrapping the poor soul’s car in aluminum foil. “Spock to Enterprise, permission to be beamed!” You can really have a good time watching your co-worker’s bewilderment after seeing his office stuffed to the limit with balloons. The fact that you almost punctured your lungs blowing them up is secondary. Do you have a colleague who is always rambling about going green and protecting the environment? Well, redecorate the guy’s keyboard with a lot of grass or small pieces of vine and you are certain to stop the rambling.

Let’s try the deep waters now, shall we? If you have a boss who is friendly and won’t be offended by light hearted pranks; redecorate his entire office with his own portraits (just the same pictures in multiple prints). The twilight saga has many a youngsters by their hearts. However, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) gained much more fame than Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). If a female colleague of yours is an Edward Cullen fan, fill her work area with pictures of Jacob and you can actually witness the turning of a human into a vampire.

In short, life is too short, and should be enjoyed. So go ahead, play some pranks, have a laugh but make sure you are laughing with the victims, not at them. Adios!

The Pimp My Ride Trick

Pimp my rik prank

The “I Couldn’t Think of Anything Better, So I Got Creative” Trick

I Couldn't Think of Anything Better Prank

The Old-School Newsroom Trick

The Old-School Newsroom Trick

The Extreme Makeover: Office Edition Trick

The Extreme Makeover: Office Edition Trick

The Good Use of Boring Office Supplies Trick

The Good Use of Boring Office Supplies Trick

The Don’t Try This on Expensive Cars Trick

The Don't Try This on Expensive Cars Trick

The Classic High Schooler Trick

 The Classic High Schooler Trick

The Environmentally Friendly Tech Trick

The Environmentally Friendly Tech Trick

The Hidden-Statue Prank

The Hidden-Statue Trick

“You’re Fired” Trick

"You're Fired" Trick

The Rubber Phone Trick

The Rubber Phone Trick

Upside-Down Classroom Trick

Upside-Down Classroom Trick

Upside-Down Office

Upside-Down Offic

The Grand Entrance Prank

Horn Trick

Under Chair Trick

The "It Was My Chair!" Trick

Photostate Machine Trick

Photostat Trick

The Hidden Car Trick

Hidden Car in Snow

Where’s My Bike? Trick

Where's My Bike? Trick

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