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Logos with Pizzazz for Your Website Design Clients


You have a new client who has told you to go ahead, oh and “by the way” can you throw in a new logo.

There are three ways to find logo designers with vision, designers who will work with you to help realize the client’s dream.

Great logo designs are best achieved by specialist logo designers, but you don’t have one on your team.

Fear not, read this article and learn how to find the best designers within your budget.

Setting the Client Straight

You need to tell your client the design facts of life. A good logo is never going to be a freebie that you throw in to sweeten the deal. Yes, you can organize it, but he will need to be involved at each step of the decision-making process because the costs are substantial and the judgement of the end-result is so subjective.

Clients need to understand that a logo is the essence of their brand identity and that it is not something to skimp on. Refer them to this page that details some big brand logo costs, including BP at $211,000,000.

The first thing you need the client to do is to describe their vision for their business because the logo needs to represent this. Most clients will only have very vague design ideas; that’s why they are paying a designer after all. They may also have definite ideas that they want to exclude from any logo design. Work out the design brief for the logo alongside any website design so that the logo colors will complement those of the website design.

Find an Individual Logo Designer

There are many good logo designers out there and some poor ones too. Ask to see a portfolio of previous designs, though remember that the designer always has to work within parameters set by the client.

The best way to find an imaginative designer is by personal recommendation. It can be a good idea to employ a designer that you can actually meet face-to-face; communication is always going to be better over a table than it is on a video-conference link. Expect to pay top dollar for great design.

Set Up a Design Contest

Logo design contest sites like Designhill are a great way to get many different design ideas.

This is a good solution if the client is very vague about what is required. Costs are fixed and paid in advance, so you can ask your client for the required amount and remove any risk to you. Designhill have different packages and prices, with the higher-priced packages likely to attract more and better designers.

A contest is risk-free to all parties. The contest winner knows you have already made the payment to the site and you know the designer cannot take the standard 50% deposit and then fail to submit any acceptable work.

Use a Freelancers’ website

You can get the design done for less using a site like UpWork (formerly known as oDesk). You can find great designs for less than $10, but designers are still in business outside of these channels, which suggests that most people try a $5 design and realize that it is not really the image of the company that they want.

Designers who work for freelancing sites like these may use logo-design software to generate designs quickly. This software is fine for teenagers to play about with but does not give you designs that are very professional. Imagination beats software every time. The problem is that to turn imagination into a high-level logo design takes high-level skills.

Low-cost freelancers usually need a lot of guidance. You basically have to give them a rough sketch and they use graphical editing software to make a decent image out of it. You are stuck with standard fonts too, whereas with the design contest you can provide the font for the designer to use and with the individual designer option you can specify that you want a custom font.


A logo is much, much more than a pretty picture in the corner of a website or stationery. It is how people will remember the business: It will come to represent the business.

This is why companies spend as much as they do on logo design. They all dream of their new logo being the next Nike or Apple success. It is not necessary to spend millions to get a great logo that will define the business for the next ten years, but you will need to spend more than $30 unless you get very lucky.

Your Input

Does the scenario here sound familiar? How did you deal with it? Please share your experience using the comments box below.

Daniel is a freelance writer who happens to be an internet marketing, web development and web design aficionado. When he’s not writing he probably researches the latest trends in the web design and development scene to keep up to date for his various projects.

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