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30+ Short Love Poems For Him From The Heart

I love you with my whole heart,it’s hurt a lot when we are apart,you are precious like the sun,having you I know I have wont .I love you with my whole heart,you are truly very smart,from the beginning you were there for me, I will give you the sky and sea. I love you with my whole heart,my love for you is off the chart,with that beautiful smile of yours,my happiness always soars….Everyday,every minute,every hour.love is a gentle embrace between body and soul.a quiet touch of the hand a soft hug by warm arms.a cares of two soul.love is a great passion between hungry hearts….I don’t know when it all started,when my head became dizzy with thoughts of you,these thoughts would often pop up in my mind, I feel anxious as my heart expend towards you.it’s nothing…it’s just a little thing,your words are awkward to me,is it love?if you feel the same way,is it a beginning?my heart keeps saying it loves you,it screams out for the whole world to hear,why has it taken so long for me to hear it,?we’ve finally met…finally found love,if i wanted to show you how i feel,the only way would be for you to become me,i am already inside of you,just like you are inside of me.to each other (to each other),we may already be too accustomed,is it love?if you feel the same way,is it a beginning,my heart keeps saying it love you,it screams out for whole world to hear,why has it taken so long for me to hear it?we have finally met..finally found love.

I Miss You

Wherever you go,whatever you do,you know i love you,from my heart,i really do.

Short Love Poems

Love Poem

Do what makes you happy,be with who make you smile laugh as much as you breathe,love as long as you live.

Short Love Poems

Actions Speak Louder Then Words

When a man says he loves you,and says he’s main concern is your happiness,listen not to what he says,but what he does,be sure his actions speak to his words,and his love is true and real.coz it will hurt like shit when he shows you the true meaning of,Actions speak louder then words.

Short Love Poems

Hope In Your Heart

May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself.keep your eyes on the star and hope in your heart.

Short Love Poems

 How Special You Are

If i could give you one thing in life,i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes,only then would you realize how special you are to me.

Short Love Poems

Loving And Missing You

I thought of you today.but that is nothing new,i thought of you yesterday and the day before that too.for everyday,no matter where,i am always thinking of you and in my heart you will be there.today,tomorrow and my whole life through.just know that i am always here,loving and missing you

Short Love Poems

Heart And Mind

Sometimes the heart should follow the mind.sometimes the heart should tell the mind to stay at home and stop interfering.

Short Love Poems

How I Feel

No matter what anyone else says,no matter what they do,they can’t keep me from falling in love,can’t keep from wanting to be with you,everyone seems to like you new,and i’m sure they always will,but no matter what they think of you,it won’t change how i feel.

Short Love Poems

 Don’t Ask Me

I’m not begging you to love me,i’m not really even asking you.but is not it alright,if i cherish that hope in my heart ?if i dream of just holding your hand,it will hurt me-not you.i will try to keep my eyes from shining,when the see you.and i promise,i will try not to smile a special smile,when you say hello.but please don’t ask me not to love me.

Short Love Poems

 I Want To Hear

I want to hear from you one word,i need to hear it first,second and third.i crave i love you,and i want it undeterred.

Short Love Poems

The Relationship

Relationship doesn’t closer my meeting,it is sweet end by thought i care for you in my own way,may be you will never know.may be i will never show.

Short Love Poems

Broken Heart

Be careful of your thoughts,for your thoughts become your word.be careful of your words, for your words become your actions you habits,be careful of your habits,for your habits become your charecter.be careful of your charecter,for your charecter become your destiny.

Short Love Poems

I love You

If i could have just one wish,i would with to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my check,the touch of your finger on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine,knowing that i could never find the feeling with anyone other than you.

Short Love Poems

Open Heart Closed Heart

When the heart is open,the present moment is more than enough.when the heart is closed,it’s never enough.

Short Love Poems

You Broke My Heart

When i finally fell for you,you left me hanging.you broke my heart,i don’t think i will fall again.

Short Love Poems

Until I’m Gone

I put my heart into all that i wanted with you and you showed me time and time again that i’m not worth the sacrifice…you won’t really miss me until i’m gone.

Short Love Poems

In My Heart

Even though we’re far apart,your love lives here in my heart.and i hope you know just how much i love you.not a minute goes by when i am not dreaming of you.

Short Love Poems

Two Hearts

let these words,not only touch your eyes.let them ravel through your soul.and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine.

Short Love Poems

Broken Heart

Follow your heart,but don’t overtake it.if you leave it behind,someone will break it.i left you my heart,and what did you do.you used it and abused it,you broke it in two.i make a promise to you,it wont happen again.your no longer my lover,or even my friend.my life will go on,my heart will grow stronger.i will not need you,in my life any longer.

Short Love Poems

I’m No Liar

I want to tell you what’s in my heart,i want to express my desire.your heart is tender and kind it makes mine a flaming fire.if i don’t see you,i’ll go blind,and i’m no liar.

Short Love Poems

My Heart

Take my heart-it’s yours,do with it as you please.break it if that’s what you want,burn it if that’s what you need.treasure it if that’s what you desire,hide it away,if that’s what makes you happy,lock it up,it’ll always be there.drop it in the puddle,the rain will wash it away,love it with all you’ve got and i’ll love you with all I’ve got.

Short Love Poems

My Love Be Your

No matter how far or how long,my love will still be yours.i will always love you.for you-i am here,whether in spirit,mind,body,shall you ever shed a tear,your angel will always be near.

Short Love Poems

My Heart Beat

No matter where we are,there’s something in between..that always keeps us close together..it’s the deep love we share..that makes my heart beat with joy.every moment..every day!

Short Love Poems

Something To Someone

I don’t wish to be everything to everyone,but i would like to be something to someone.

Short Love Poems

Love Yourself As Well

Love yourself as well the people around you,observe self discipline and avoid being rude,seek for the truth and learn more knowledge,in the righteous way.know what is right and reasonable and do not create any trouble.be simple and humble,be thrifty and frugaly.

Short Love Poems

 Thinking of You

Your special smile,your special face,you’re a special someone,i can’t replace,i love you,and i always will for you’ve filled a space,no one else can fill.

Short Love Poems

The Pain

Perhaps the worst thing about loss,by the very definition of it,is being unable to share the pain..

Short Love Poems

If You Love

If you love something let it go,if it comes back to you it’s your,if it doesn’t,it never was.

Short Love Poems

Good Night

Touch your heart,close your eyes.make a wish,say goodnight.sky so wide,stars so bright,off the light,sleep so tight.

Short Love Poems

My Love For You

As wind,rain and mist block the rising sun we know in our hearts it’s always there.my love for you,not always visible through the mist of daily work,disappointment or sorrow,is always there.a shoulder to lean on,a hand to hold,a warm heart that cares.

Short Love Poems

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