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30 Love Quotes That Make You Smile

Never take a woman for granted if she makes you feel like you are the perfect man in the world. she is the woman who will be always by your side no matter what happens in your life. she will support and be by your side ¬†wen you are falling apart. she will go to any extent to see a smile on your face. treasure her for ever because she is the one who loves you truly and eternally… You have got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you have got, and remember what you had, always forgive, but never forget. learn from mistakes, but never regret… YOU make me laugh when i want to cry, make me live when i want to die. make me smile when i want to frown, you turn my life upside down. i need you more than you can believe. love you more than you can conceive. think about you every night and day, and hope my life can stay this way. so please hold me and never let me go. kiss me on my lips but so sweet and slow. show me you love me but only if it is true. now, let me tell you something, i’m so much in love with you…

But Not All People

But Not All People Love Quotes

When You Smile

Love Quotes

A Little Better

A Little Better Love Quotes

Life Is Short

Love Quotes

I Love You

I Love You Love Quotes

Love Make Our Friends

Love Quotes

An Action Of Love

Love Quotes An Action Of Love

Age Does Not Protect

Love Quotes

When You Tired

When You Tired Love Quotes

One Reason

One Reason Love Quotes

Make Someone Smile

Love Quotes

I Have No Idea

Love Quotes

Automatically Smile

Automatically Smile Love Quotes

I Don’t Think

I Don't Think Love Quotes

Sooner Or Later

Love Quotes

I Smile

Love Quotes

You’ll Know

Love Quotes

Making You Smile

Making You Smile Love Quotes

More Beautiful

Love Quotes

Don’t Let The World

Love Quotes

Everytime You Smile

Everytime You Smile Love Quotes

The Key

The Key Love Quotes

Reason To Smile

Reason To Smile Love Quotes

You Should Wear It

Love Quotes

You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile Love Quotes

Do What Make You Happy

Love Quotes

When You Laugh

When You Laugh Love Quotes

Don’t Forget

Don't Forget Love Quotes

I Love Things

Love Quotes

I Can Always

Love Quotes

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