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How to Make Secret Doors and Clever Hiding Places

Secret door and hidden compartments are found in many places; people hide their valuables in secret places to keep them safe. There are many different ways of constructing secret bookcase doors using linear actuators. Below is a detailed instruction on making secret doors, and clever hiding places. Initially, you need to identify somewhere in the house suitable for a bookcase; you need the following 2 sheets of ¼ sanded plywood, 6 panels of ¾ x 15, ¼ x96 laminated pine project board, 2×4 construction lumber and a Murphy door kit containing a collection of built hardware. Other materials include pocket screws, Miller dowel, and wood glue.

Assemble the five pieces of wood of the bookcase using Miller dowels attach the long strips of the trim. Fix one shelve, but the other shelves need to be adjustable. Make more shelves according to your need. Join the L-shaped fixed shelves using pocket screws, a jig, and a specially shaped drill. After fixing you should have L-shaped shelves , two with 38 mm and four with 60mm. Assemble the cases joining the sides and 3 horizontal members making sure that the case is squared .Use a square of plywood to hold the shelves.

Attach the back of the bookcase using plywood by gluing and nailing to the back of the bookcase, fill in the gaps and sand the plywood to make it smooth. Build a valance and make sure the top of the valance is unfilled for later use. Fill in the holes with wood fillers. Install a lower track using hardwood to hold the lower track using 2550mm piece of oak. This piece of wood supports the weight of the bookcase. It needs to be attached directly to the floor. The piece of oak needs to be buried in the carpet by adding ¼ plywood underneath. Attach the pivot hardware by joining two sides of the door with a piano hinge, place the door and put the valance on top using a ¼ spacer’s mark. Drill the hole locations and fix the screws in the holes, replace the valance by lagging the bolts.

Add some crown molding on top of the valance to make it look similar to other furniture in the room. The valance helps the bookcase from falling over. Door Bookcases need a secret lock; a secret lock can be built using the hardback book, a bolt and a round steel plate.The bolt is mounted in a hole inside of the case. Make a hole that can accommodate the head of the bolt cut the steel plate and glue it inside the book in a way that it captures the bolt head. When you push the book, it will release the bolt head. A small hole at the back of the book should be drilled to and attach nylon cords to the steel plate which allows the use unlock the door from inside.

To manage the weight of the bookcase, a control linear actuator using an Arduino is ideal for controlling the movement because it supplies adequate force and speed to move the bookcase. In another similar project, special features can be added like a motion sensor that automatically closes the bookcase after some hours of inactivity. Making secret doors can be a tedious process, but you are guaranteed that one will interfere with your valuables.

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