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23 Memes – A Source of Fun & Pleasure


Memes are becoming more popular day by day so they are being made in the most creative ways to grab the attention of online users. You can hardly find an area of culture which is not being dealt through the meme treatment. All types of cultures or genres such as fashion, art, technology, music and many more, have memes. You may find continuity or a sequence of the incidents or happenings. All these sequences and happening will be in connection to each other. Memes can be made to express something serious, humorous, awkward or embarrassing. It depends on the purpose of the creation of meme.

Dork Knight

Normally you will find the memes of those things that are missed normally by you or you ignore them as you didn’t find them interesting. Creative minds find these moments and create something unique and interesting by developing their memes.

The New Batman – Ben Affleck

One of the most famous series of Batman now got the new hero. Ben Affleck is the next batman and he is the sixth actor who is going to work for this role. Just before the Ben could be the real batman, internet and social medial has made its memes. Especially internet didn’t waste a single moment to bring in the great memes of Ben.

Ben Affleck New Batman

argo ment

Advancement of the Technology

It expresses the drawbacks of advancement of technology by a funny way. You can see an image with a sequence of mp3, mp4 and mp5 with the images of gadgets. It is pretty awesome as mp3 is used for a storage device (floppy), mp4 is used for a touch device and mp5 is the name of a gun.

Advance Technology

Desperate Times – Ups & Downs of Economy Affect Your Pleasure and Leisure

This is an astounding way to express the desperate times. It expresses that how do you feel and act when you are facing the hardships. The image of this meme best illustrates that when a person needs to get something which is not affordable, he/she will tend to go for the cheaper one.

Desperate Time

Arranged Marriage

Overdose of Poker – Meme for Addiction

It shows the results of continuous addiction of anything which causes the harmful effects to your brain. The image illustrates that how for an addicted person, realities and imaginary stuff is blurred. As a result of addiction, the addicted person is always in trouble finding the difference between the real and imaginary things.

Over dose Poker

Here are more…

Own Projects

Internet Explorer user

Gold Cross

Six Pack Cat

Quick Reaction

Sandwitch Meme

Portable Dishwasher

How I see my wallet

African Angry Bird

Pretend sleeping

Tread Mill

High Five

Choose Shampoo

Brown Cat

Have Relationship

I am so full

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