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Monsieur Beast – Ad Campaign


Creativity has a unique attribute. It has no boundaries. Some of the best ad campaigns in the world carry the flag of limitless creativity. Creativity, be it abstract or direct, always attracts more and more eyes. One such campaign was designed by the Dutch ad agency “180” for their client; Amsterdam based Barber Shave and Trim.

Bear - Tame the Beast

We all know that barber shops play a vital role in male grooming. It can even be called a compulsion. Now, an ordinary agency would have easily gone with visuals of handsome men with perfectly cut hair and/or moustaches and beards, but not 180. Excessive masculine hair hasalways led to the branding of being an animal, or in other words, a beast. A beast needs to be contained and tamed; thus the tagline of the campaign by 180.

Using various wild animals known for their sheer mass and/or ferocity; 180 created a campaign that is humorous, yet impactful; as it perfectly and creatively communicates the message. The visuals look ordinary at the first glance; but looking closely, they take creativity to a whole new tangent.

The first visual is of a bear. Now what is the connection of a bear with a barber shop? Look closely and you’ll see the bear wearing a moustache that would make traditional subcontinent kings envious. This is creativity at its best. A bear with a perfectly maintained moustache and the tagline, “Tame the Beast” attracts men with a comical appeal.

The second moustache is carried by a wild buffalo. At number 3, comes an antelope. 180 have created an out-of-the-box campaign, yet the aesthetics remain intact. Not all wild beasts, like all men, carry a moustache. Therefore, a visual connotation of a clean shaven beast was a must; and what better a beast than a hippo?

Had I been in Amsterdam, I would have definitely visited “Barber Shave and Trim” to tame my inner beast.

Take a look at this amazing campaign.

Bull - Tame the Beast

Tame the Beast Campagin

Hipo - Tame the Beast

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