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The New Facebook Logo and Icons


Evolution is a theory that has a split effect. Where some people consider it just a theory, others believe it to be a hard fact. Darwin’s theory of evolution may or may not be right; but the word “Evolution” is a sea of changes within itself.

Facebook Logo

Over the years, we have seen technology evolved. Humans, themselves, have evolved in accordance with their surroundings. If you take a trip down memory lane, many of the daily life products we use were not the same when they were introduced. Computers, cellular phones, fashion are just a few examples. Everything evolves from its initial state and changes to better suit us.

Facebook Logos - New and Old

Facebook is a name that the majority of living human beings are aware of. What started as a small scale social networking site is now a giant; with usage in the high 90% in any internet savvy country. The Facebook logo is a mark that even little children can identify. With time, as mentioned earlier, everything must evolve according to the users. The new Facebook logo is a testament to this statement.

The thing I have always liked best about the Facebook logo is that it is extremely simple, very hard hitting and memorable. The new logo has the same impact with a few minor changes. The usage of Facebook is growing at a quantum rate. The “f” that connotes the world’s most popular social networking site had to be bigger. If I may say so, the new Facebook logo is even simpler than the previous one. The faint blue line below the “f” has been removed. Moreover, the world famous syllable has been stretched to the edge of the box. The icons related to Facebook have also evolved and together, they all look like one happy, blue and white clad family.

So my dear Facebook, congratulations on your new look. You are ravishing, and we will always love you.
And do tell us What you think of Facebook’s new logo and icons?

Facebook Icons - Old and New

  • The New Facebook Logo and Icons
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  •  conin werbeagentur

    From my point of view leaving that somehow glossy shiny thing behind
    is a good designers choice. Also the simplifying of the other logos.
    But they are all ways away from being a good logo.
    The proportions of the f to that rectangle .. a no go.

  •  Ferman Aziz

    i think new icons are looking good and you are right about new logo design


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