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New Moods by Facebook


Here we go guys! Our beloved Facebook has hit another home run. Could you even imagine what life would be without Facebook? I surely cannot. Facebook is more than just a social networking site. It is a thread that has linked us all like beads in a necklace. We can make friends who are thousands of miles away, while sitting comfortably on our living room couch. Facebook has enabled us to get connected to the world, sharing whatever we feel and think. However, there is always room for improvement; and boy has Facebook justified it!

Facebook Moods - New Feature

Thanks to Facebook, you can be more expressive now. Facebook status box in the U.S started offering the options to share your feelings or activities via a drop down menu of emoticons and media. This will certainly broaden the communication horizon! Following the test phase in January; where only screen shots were released, Facebook is now planning to roll out this option to more people in the U.S. Facebook has also published a blog post detailing this new feature.

Facebook Moods - New Feature

Here’s how it works. Once you have this option, go to share a status update from the Facebook desktop site or the mobile site. You will find a smiley face button between the options to add a photo and select the privacy setting. The button empowers you to share numerous things; including what you are thinking, feeling, watching, reading, eating, drinking and many more. Each of these is assigned a sub-menu of emotions, media or nourishment. Extra description can also be added and Voila! Your shared post will have an emoticon or an image according to what you share. For instance, if you share that you are watching a particular show on T.V. its image and a link to its piece of content will be there at the end of your post. Exciting!

Facebook Moods - New Feature

This new feature is sure to be a big hit. Not only can we share our feelings and activities, but we might be able to inspire or get inspired by what others are doing. You could gain advice, recommendations and a lot more. So thumbs up Facebook! You really do love us.

Facebook Moods - New Feature

via TechChrunch

  • New Moods by Facebook
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  •  Jeffrey

    Nice graphics. It makes Facebook more slickier than it is already. However, I don’t use it regularly. I use only when I’m bored or when I am interested in what other people do on this rainy day here in The Netherlands, for example.


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