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30+ New Year’s Eve Quotes Sayings


Lets welcome this new year with smiles on our face and hopes in your heart for the best wish you a very happy new year.When the mid-night bell rings tonight.let it signify new and better things for you.let it signify a realisation of all things you wise for. Let it signify a year of courage and believes.wishing you a very very very prosperous 2014.This bright new year is given,me to live each day with zest.to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best.The  new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.That depressing moment when you realize that no one is going to text /inbox tell you that they wish you were with them on.hope this new year is life-changing,world-shaping, wonderful, purposeful, awe inspiring, incredible, fantastic, magnificent, extraordinary, blessed, thrilling, blissful, grace-filled, jubilant, delicious, unbelievable, astonishing, mind-blowing, spectacular,and ridiculously happy.Dear 2014,it’s a new year.new mistake are going to make along with new promises and regrets.all i am asking is that you will be better than last year. I am not praying for a miracle,i just want a better year than the one that’s about the past.Your success and happiness lies in you.resolve to keep happy,and your joy and you shall from an invincible host against difficulties.The secret of success in live is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.I wish you success in all the opportunities  that come your way this year…HAVE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!


“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on new year’s eve.middle age is when you’re forced to.”

new year quotes

365 Blank Pages

“Each new year,we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages.let us fill them with all the forgotten things from last year the words we forgot to say the love we forgotto show,and the charity we forgot to offer.,,

new year quotes

Happy New Year

May God be with you through new year,and fill your life with comfort,love and cheer.may this day and the days ahead,hold many blessings for you and yours.

new year quotes

 Happiness And Togetherness

Wishing that your home is always filled with happiness and togetherness! 

new year quotes

Feel God

Feel God,friendship,kind,good,happiness

new year quotes

You Will Kiss

Hoping you will kiss the boy you like on new years eve.

new year quotes

Change For

Don’t change because a new year is coming up but change for your own personal growth no matter what resolutions you make,They start with you.

new year quotes

Officially New Year

It’s officially new years eve!You have less than 24hrs to do all the bad things that you’will resolve not to do in the new year.

new year quotes

Old Year Leaves

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

new year quotes

Lets Celebrate

Lets celebrate this blissful,cheerful,colorful new year.With fresh roses and smile.Wish you a bright,prosperous.

new year quotes

Celebrate Happy New Year

If you’re happy and you know it Clap your…oh

new year quotes

New Start On Old Habit

Many People look forward to the new year for a new start on old habit.

new year quotes

 May This New Year

May this new year be so special that you never ever feel lonely again and be surrounded by loved ones throughout!

 new year quotes

Best Day

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

new year quotes

The New Year

The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.

new year quotes

New Year’s Day

We will open the book.its pages are blank.We are going to put words on them ourselves.The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New year’s day.

new year quotes

 New Beginning

Wishing you a new year filled with new hope,new joy and new beginning.

new year quotes

Its A New Year!!

Its like a new sunrise..of hope,of prosperity,of happiness..its like a new begining..of thoughts,of words of actions..its like a new day..of energy,of strength,of ideas..its like a bunch of whole new things..of prayers,of friends,and of love.

new year quotesLearn From Yesterday

Learn from yesterday,Live for today,Hope for tomorrow.Happy new year

new year quotes

Year 2014

Cheers to a new year and  another chance for us to get it right.

new year quotes


“I don’t even drink!I can’t stand the taste of alcohol.Every new year’s eve i try one drink and every time it makes me feel sick.So i don’t touch booze-I am always the designated,,

new year quotes


Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,Whispering it will be happier….

new year quotes

Many Years Ago

Many years ago i resolved never to bother with new year’s resolutions and i’ve stuck with it ever since.

new year quotes

For Last Year’s

For last year’s words belong to last year’s lan-guage and next year’s words await another voice.and to make an end is to make a beginning.

new year quotes

New Year Quotes

“My parents used to throw great new year’s eve parties.They invited such an eclectic mix of showiz people.All those cool people were always hanging out at our aprtment,,.

new year quotes New Year Love

“i’ve had some lovely extra ordinary experiences on new year’s eve,,

new year quotes


It’s important to put a lot of years into your life,but equally important to put lot of life in to your years.

new year quotes

Years End

Year’s end is neither an end nor a biginning but a going on,with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

new year quotes

 Happy New Year’s Eve

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on,with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

new year quotes

A New Year

new year quotes

  • 30+ New Year’s Eve Quotes Sayings
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