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Best Olympics Logos from 100 Year History of Olympics


Olympics are considered as one of the major events in the field of sports. The Olympics champions are recognized all over the world and hence it’s the backbone of celebration for sports. Everything is associated with event of Olympics which is designed and formulated with huge efforts, so as the logo of the event is ever unique.

Here are some fine examples from the past 100 years of creating logos for Olympics:

PARIS, 1924

1924 Olympics logo was to change the entire image of the games. The logo was made simple with no colors and has an engraving effect. It has strong and simple presentation the format of the logo was iconic. During that era it was considered as a logo inspired by modern bold arts.


It was a colored logo for Olympics which comprehended victory and expressed brightness. The logo was designed in red and white colors with blue lines which were to pay a special thanks to the host country Netherlands.


It is the Olympic logo with a reshaped US flag as a prominent feature embedded in it. The logo had this time a motive hidden in it which said, faster, stronger and higher. These were the motivating factors for all the athletes participating in the event.

BERLIN, 1936

This logo was designed after a thorough brain storming of two master minds. The Olympics most famous five ring logo was first designed in this year and there was a graphical representation of eagle to symbolize strength and power. Hence it was a good combination of arts and sports.

LONDON, 1948

This logo was designed in a way to highlight the royalty of English men. The logo had everything which could make it quite obvious that in that year the Olympics had held in United Kingdom. This logo was well defined. For example, the clock in the logo pointed the arrows at 4’o clock which was the exact time of the Olympics opening ceremony that year. Hence it was a beautifully and delicately crafted logo.


In that year the Olympics torch was firstly introduced. Although today it’s one of the highlights of Olympics but at that time it was completely new and unique idea which was introduced and which later became an important aspect of Olympics and is now considered as a tradition of Olympics. This torch was also symbolized in the logo of Olympics that year.

More Logos


Logo of Olympics always gets great significance among the sports lovers. Hence it is made unique, alluring and eye catching all the time.

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