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180 Photography Tips Cheat Sheet


We all live in a world obsessed with photography, as is evident by the rise of Instagram, #waterlogue and selfies. So gaining the proper photography skills is becoming a part of life, whether you use a digital camera or a camera phone we all have some ability to photograph the world around us. The problem is making your photos stand out as being of a higher quality and capturing something in a new way.

So to help out everyone who only knows the basic photography skills, here is a list of 180 photography tips that anyone can use to improve their photographs. This list of tips will stop your photos from looking amateurish and make your creations be of a higher caliber.

The infographic covers: basic tips for beginners, guidance on accessories to purchase or hire, advice on how to take better quality photographs, how to take much sharper images, simple and common photography mistakes to avoid, possible reasons your photos look terrible, techniques for critiquing your photographs, cliches you should avoid at all costs, how to add life and personality to your photos, how to use Instagram to enhance your images, sites for sharing your images socially, plus a glossary of 10 different keywords to get you started with the terminology.

There is also specific advice for anyone wishing to photograph their home, including: steps to capture your home’s exterior, advice on how to photograph your garden and plant life, photographing your living room and its furniture, photographing your kitchen, how to photograph a bathroom to avoid glare, advice for capturing your bedroom and different tips for photographing furniture in the best way.

Plus there are quotes from 18 leading professional photographers, giving readers an insights into their experience and what they have learnt over the years of being a professional photographer.

For example Nasim Mansurov writes “One thing that you should always keep in mind while taking pictures, is that your camera does not have the same capabilities as your eyes when it comes to seeing both bright and dark tones in a scene. Our eyes are equipped with the most advanced technology, allowing us to see and perceive colors and tones no human-made electronic device can even come close to.”

So from shooting in RAW format to buying a tripod, these simple to follow tips will give your photos a professional quality that will set them apart.


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