Pick Nokia Lumia 1020 or Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for HD Shooting

Smartphones are most admired devices recent days and people love to use them. Some people try to buy Smartphones to get HD camera and good performance too. So if you want a good camera besides good Smartphone, you should choose one from Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020. Both come with very good cameras and incredibly terrific hardware and you can enjoy a good camera with a good mobile. So which is better of these two? We should make decision after looking on following facts.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom VS Nokia Lumia 1020


Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with 41 megapixel camera having ZEISS lens and 6x zoom which has not any bad impact on picture’s quality. This mobile has Sweet Spot of 5MP which helps to capture near to nature. On the other end, there is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which is flagship model of Samsung Galaxy S4. It takes 16MP camera with 10x zoom which is exciting. It is very good camera and you can have first class photographs with it. Front cameras for Nokia and Samsung device are 1.2MP and 1.9MP correspondingly.

Making Structure:

Both of the Smartphones have attractive making structure and striking look. Nokia Lumia 1020 a little bigger than Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom but it is thinner than Samsung’s device. Lumia 1020 has breadth of 10.4mm whereas S4 zoom has 15.4mm. So this craze make Nokia’s machine more attractive. Both have landscape camera on their backs and both cameras have optical lens. Nokia has given a light weighted phone with weight of 158g but Samsung’s phone is much heavier and carries weight of 208g. So Nokia has points of attraction at this point.

Lumia 1020 VS Galaxy S4

Processor and RAM:

Both of smart devices have arrived with almost same processors. Lumia is with 1.5 GHz “Snapdragon S4” dual core processor although Galaxy phone has dual core processor with clock speed of 1.5GHz which is similar to lumia mobile. But you will find the RAM of 2GB in Nokia’s windows phone that is 1.5 GB in Samsung’s Galaxy android.

Operating System:

System software is most central object of any Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 is present with Jelly Bean “Android 4.2.2” which is latest operating system current days. Nokia has not applied Android OS in their mobiles and they give Lumia 1020 with “Windows Phone 8” OS. Both machines are available with heavy operating systems and with further apps.


Nokia wins the battle of display here and they supplied their mobile with sharp and heavy display than Samsung. Lumia 1020 brings 4.5 inch (AMOLED) display screen having resolution and pixel concentration of “1280 x 768” pixels and 331ppi. Samsung S4 comes with a lower screen size of 4.3 inch (Super AMOLED). If we compared its resolution and pixel density, we come to know that Samsung’s mobile comes with “960 x 540” pixels resolution and 256ppi pixel density which is subordinate than Lumia device. Both machines have shield of “Gorilla Glass 3” to make them scratch resistant. So you can decide that Nokia gives better device than Samsung in the terms of display.

nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera

Storage Space:

In these Smartphones, you need a high storage for videos and pictures and other applications. Nokia Lumia has been released with 32GB of built in storage and there is not any SD card support for this samartphone. On the other end, there is Samsung Galaxy S4 zoon which brings 8GB of internal storage and slot for SD card (32GB). So there are enough storage options available for both of machines.

Battery and Connectivity:

Nokia has given a non removable battery with capacity of 2000mAh while Samsung provide it as removable with capability of 2330mAh. Both of mobiles have good connectivity features like 4G LTE Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, microUSB and jacks for audio but there is some difference like nokia support Bluetooth v3 and samsugn support Bluetooth v4.


Nokia Lumia 1020 cost you $765 whereas Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has $675 price. There is a little difference between price but you never feel this when you see on specifications of both mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with 16MP camrea

Now all the facts are in front of you and you can decide that which can be a best mobile for you. If you love to use android mobiles than you should go for Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and if you like windows phones, you must go with Nokia’s Lumia 1020. But we should say that Nokia has given a better Smartphone as compared to Samsung at this time.

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