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30+ Poems About Death For you Loved One’s RIP


Every man’s life ends the same way.it is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another..People fear death even more than pain.it’s strange that ¬†they fear death.at the point of death,the pain is over..Do not seek death the death will find you.but seek the road which makes the death a fulfilment. This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.to watch the birth and death of being is like looking at the movements of a dance.a life time is like a flash of lightening in the sky.rushing by,like a torrent down a steep mountain..When Your time comes to die,be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death.so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.sing your death song.and die like a hero going home..When person you love dies,it does not feel real.it’s like it’s happening to someone else..The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon,but that we wait so long to begin it..Don’t be afraid of death;be afraid of an unloved life. you don’t have to lived forever.you just have to lived..Death is not the greatest loss in the life.the greatest loss in the life is what dies inside while still alive..Life asked death why do people love me,but hate you?death responded because you are a beautiful lie and I am painful truth…I can choose to accelerate my disease to an alcoholic death or incurable insanity,or i can choose to live within my thoroughly human condition….

No One Can Say

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.

Poems About Death

Lead Me

Lead me from death to life,from falsehood to truth.lead me from despair to hope,from fear to trust.lead me from hate to love,from war to peace.let fill my heart,my world,my universe.amin

Poems About Death

Going To Die

What do you think is easier?knowing you’re going to die on a certain time and date,or knowing it might happen any moment when you least expect it?

Poems About Death

When He Died

When he died,i suddenly realize i wasn’t crying for him,but for all the things he did.i cried because he would never do them again.

Poems About Death

Alive With Light

My soul is full of whispered song;my blindness is my sight;the shadows that i feared so long are all alive with light.

Poems About Death

In Every Shadow

In every shadow there is light,in every tear,a smile,in death i know there still is life,that lingers for awhile…

Poems About Death

I Couldn’t Stay Long

You planted me,Lord,in the womb of my mother and let me know love unlike that of another.i couldn’t stay long,but i will never forget,the way mom and dad took care of me yet.please trust in the Lord and soon you will see,to some that’s a lifetime that will never be.God must of loved us an awful lot,to let our souls touch through our arms could not.i have to go now,but know i’m okay,remember i love you,and i’ll see you one day.

Poems About Death

His Body Is Gone But Not Soul

The stronger the love the deeper the grief,our life here is oh so brief.your heart aches for just a touch,anything of his,just to clutch.his body is gone,but not his soul,that is the part that keeps you whole.i wish your pain i could release,so you could know a moment’s peace.but know we all,send our love your way,to help you though another day.

Poems About Death

I Can’t Die

Tarry a while,o death,i can’t die.while yet my sweet life burgeons with its spring;fair is my youth,and rich the echoing boughs,where dhadikulas sing.tarry a while,o death,i can’t die,with all my blossoming hopes unharvested,my joys ungarnered,all my songs unsung,and all my tears unshed.tarry a while,till i am satisfied,of love and grief,of earth and altering sky;till all my human hungers are fulfilled,o death,i can’t die.

Poems About Death

I Want To Write A Poem

I want to write a poem,about my teeth hurting,and my fingers burning,of my heart breaking,from loneliness,the cause of which is my differentness,to pen in script,what it would be like,to lie in crypt,i need to break the oppression,of my life and escape the depression,holding me tight.

Poems About Death

In A Second

It’s crazy how someone who used to be a huge part of your life can be gone in a second.

Poems About Death

No One Can Steal

Death leaves a heartache,no one can heal,love leaves a memory,no one can steal.

Poems About Death

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love,how much you care.because when they’re gone,no matter how load you shout and cry,they won’t hear you anymore

Poems About Death

He Stood Up

He stood up in the house to speak,with calm unruffled brow;and never were his burning words,more eloquent than now.Fresh from the greatest victory,that mortal man can win,the triumph,against fearful odds,over besetting sin.twas this gave to his eloquence,that thrilling trumpet tone,moving all hearts with those bright thoughts,vibrating through his own.thoughts strong and wise and statesmanlike,warm with the love of right,that gave his wit its keenest edge,his words their greatest might.

Poems About Death

Always Stay

You will never be forgotten,we pledge to you today,a hallowed place within our hearts is where you’ll always stay.

Poems About Death

Perhaps They Are Not

Perhaps they are not,stars in the sky,but rather openings,where our loved ones,shine down,to let us know,they are happy.

Poems About Death

After My Father

After my father gave me his blessing,for the first time,saying ,God Bless you,as i left him to the darkness,he held me there and i kissed my hand.for the first time saying,God bless you,in all the years that i had loved him,he held me there and kissed my hand,and the child shivered with delight.in all the years that i had loved him,we understood no need to speak.the child shivered with delight,the man is silence turn away.we understood no need to speak,as i left him to the darkness.

Poems About Death

If Roses Grow In Heaven

If roses grow in heaven lord.please pick a bunch for me.place them in my mother’s arms,and tell her they are from me.tell her i love her and miss her,and when she turns to smile,place a kiss upon her cheek,and hold her for awhile.because remembering her is easy,i do it every day,but there is an ache within my heart,that will never go away.

Poems About Death

A Butterfly

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam,and for a brief moment it’s glory and beauty belong to our world.but then it flies on again,and though we wish it could have stayed,we feel so lucky to have seen it.

Poems About Death

Angel Of Death

Demons took her mind,my territory burned like hell,i tried to put her,tried to save her,but my courage wasn’t enough,my only weapon,sacrificial love,a love blazing in my heart,after a bloody battle against your foolish mind,still can’t see me in in your naked eyes.and like a shadow in the night,with a dagger clenched in my hand,a lonely assassin that wants to exterminate,all i want is sweet revenge,to make you feel what i left,to bleed like how i bleed,my spirit can only be at rest on the day that i put you in your grave.

Poems Of Death

Death Is

Death is like a black crow,flying throw the night sky.death takes me to the bright,peaceful place in the clouds.death is as dark and cold as an ice cube in the winter night,death me with his scythe and drags me to the dark destination.

Poems About Death

Hush Little Baby

Hush little baby,don’t you cry,don’t cut your arms,don’t say goodbye;put down that razor,put down that knife,it may be hard,but you’ll win this fight.

Poems About Death

Committed Foul

Committed foul and wicked ways,unseen the sins that fall the strong,subjected full to judgement days,and punished are all who wrong.

Poems About Death

At My Grave

Don’t stand at my grave.i’m not there,i’m a thousand winds that blow,i’m the gentle autumn rain don’t stand at my grave,i didn’t die.

Poems About Death

Death By

Death by murder-death by chance,death by secret night romance,death by number-point the lines,death in color or black and white,accidental-planned prolonged,death by always dong wrong,death by self a timeless art,death by one last broken heart.

Poems About Death

Death Is But Changing

Death is but changing of our robes to wait in wedding garments at the eternal’s gate.

Poems About Death

Death Is Not The End

Death is not the end,death can never be the end.death is the road,life is the traveler.the soul is th guide.

Poems About Death

I Never Saw A Moor

I never saw a moor,i never saw the sea,yet certain am i of the spot,as if the chart were given.

Poems About Death

Death Not Be Proud

Death be not proud,through some have called thee,mighty and dreadful,for,thou art not so,for,those,whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow,die not,poor death,nor yet canst thou kill me.’

Poems About Death

The Death Poem

I have taught you all know,there is no more i can teach you.i am a candle whose light has traveled far.you are my candles to who i have passed on my light.it is you who will light the path for others.today i see around me the lights of shaolin,the flame of tomorrow.my task is done,soon my flame will end.teach the true spirit of karate-do,and one day you may entered the temple of shaolin.

Poems About Death

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