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Points You Must Have in Mind While Designing Business Cards


Nothing more makes your business look so appealing than your business card and stationery. Designing a business card and isn’t as simple as it appears. If you are done with the logo, next step comes designing the business/visiting card. It’s actually an elaboration of your logo which indeed describes your concept more clearly. Handing out your business card to your customers is one major reason why this thing should be most appealing and attractive. Correspondence through the business card must ensure that the company is reliable and its design is not just an ordinary one which we generally see everywhere.

How to make your business cards extraordinary?

This is one major question that has to be answered while designing a card. Most of the business cards are tend to be forgotten just because they are too ordinary. They should have a quality of having custom shapes, different materials and matte finishing along with a great design idea.

buisness card
buisness card
buisness card

These are very interesting examples of how to make your business card different n tempting. Apart from different printing techniques used, it’s the idea and the concept which is important. Use of different materials onto which printing can be done and handmade customized options can also be developed.

buisness card
buisness card

Cutouts, colorful imagery, unusual and unexpected shapes can make your business cards one of a kind. 3D effects and intersecting networks can also be done but for that a designer must need to produce a dummy before getting it actually made. e.g.

buisness card
buisness card

These kinds of cards can also cater as souvenirs for a certain company. These kinds of cards definitely gives dynamic impact and possibly people to whom these are given may not need your services at that very moment, but definitely will think about it in the future because the creative business card serves as reminder to them.

Does your business card have the ability not to be thrown in the waste paper bin?

Reach out a hand in your wallet and check how many of the business cards you have are being thrown by you in the trash. Do you know the reason? Just because an ordinary boring and a dull looking card just doesn’t want to be stayed with you. Following are the points that must be kept in mind while designing a business card.

Paper Quality

what is the quality of paper being offered. Is your card flimsy, with torn, rough and perforated edges? Is the paper so light weight that it just doesn’t get placed on a table without a weight? Is the paper glossy or matte? If it’s glossy why the thumb prints are visible on it? These are very very important questions you must keep in mind. In order to answer these you must have a complete knowledge of the materials in the market and how they vary.


Drop some liquid on your business card. If the ink runs, it’s in the trash.

Color Test

Colorful cards can add to your professional image. Too much color can be distracting. 3 color or full color cards not only give a very strong impact but also add to the beauty of your card holder and things around it.

buisness card
buisness card

Message Design

Your business card should clearly convey what you do, what are the services you’re offering and what is your company all about. Your location, contact so people can easily reach you is very important.

Image Match

business card must match with the business of the company, e.g a textile designer’s card must depict the flow of fabrics, colors, satins exactly in synch with the services he/she is providing.

buisness card

Font Size

your card must depict the size of the font which is readable and visible. White spaces to the card serve as breathing space and do not hinder your eye movement. If you have lot to say use the space on the back of the card. Don’t ever use tiny fonts which are not at all appealing to the eye and people have issues in reading them.

Contact Information

clients and other people must have a complete knowledge of how to contact a certain company or person. The business card must show all the details like phone number, cell number, email, website address, fax or whatever data required.

buisness card

It is not necessary to include a complete listing of services or products on the business card. Keep it to the essentials. Use brochures and personal interviews to disclose the full range of services or products offered.

  • Points You Must Have in Mind While Designing Business Cards
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  •  Dave

    Nice post, covered most of the important areas. When I used to do print, I designed loads of cards one thing I found is the dimensions of some stock cards 90mm x 55mm are too big to fit un-bent in a wallet, card gets tatty, card gets binned. I used to like doing slightly smaller ones.

    I do love the extraordinary business cards, and think that they have great impact, also love it when eg a joiner has the card made out of wood, so the cards themed, they work really well.

    The Cat box card also works for me and would n’t get put in my wallet as its ‘special’ and would get damaged, that on its own gives it more value and as long as the cards kept, there’s more chance that the contact details will be used, that at the end of the day is what its all about.

  •  Kavya Hari

    Font size and text color should be most important one. And, it plays an important role in the designing part 🙂

  •  Anonymous

    This one is surely looking one of extreme post about business cards. As the existing information really unveils the best of information about designing business cards. As we all know that business cars are really the incredible tool for the high marketing. And for that the design and concept should be exceptional of the business cards. As this one is really awesome post.

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