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Polyhedral Panoramic : An Evolution in Distorting Spaces


Rorik Smith is an artist that has made it his artistic career’s mission to experiment and explore solutions to visual problems. Rorik Smith takes an impressive leap towards the analysis and expression of perspective drawings through various lenses of visual distortion.

Smith touches on the play of angles by disorienting the mind whilst all the while rendering it fully capable of understanding the accurate linear construction of environments. Rorik Smith makes what we have come to know as ‘polyhedral panoramic perspective drawings’. The primary medium used by Rorik Smith in his artwork is graphite pencils. Smith begins drawing directly and uses no sort of manipulation or post processing in his work, rendering the illusionary rendition of space entirely creative and manually produced. In his creative style of work, Rorik Smith has managed to make drawings that involve the viewer entirely in an axis of anticipation of an entire scene behind a thin veil of distortion and illusion. These drawings have a very scribbled and scratchy feature suggesting the casual control Smith has anchored over his graphite pencil, in doing so, possessing a tremendous level of accuracy in the study of perspective, while bordering on distortion. Rorik Smith boasts his talent by emphasizing keenly realistic compositions of the spaces he recreates, sparing no detail, he successfully and remarkably achieves incredible visual effects.

The work of Rorik Smith overlaps with diverse characteristics of design and architecture whilst being executed in a purely manual method of traditional art with the use of graphite pencils. His work is an excellent example of the breakdown between the different arts while sustaining a balance between contemporary and traditional art.

In the words of the artist himself, his style of work surrounds a disentangling of visual challenges with, “the development and application of graphical representation systems to investigate and record the character of collections, objects, environments and individuals of personal or demonstrable significance.” Have a look at his incredible work below, and if you like what you see, which you will, check out his portfolio as well.

Polyhedral Panoramic Perspective Drawings by Rorik Smith

Polyhedral Panoramic Perspective Drawings by Rorik Smith

Polyhedral Panoramic Perspective Drawings by Rorik Smith

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