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Designing Point of Purchase – What Designed Items are Required for Which Brand


In recent years branding has bombarded our world with flickering images traveling through our eyes daily. Which to adopt, which to leave, what does a certain brand tell, how does it emphasize its presence. We go to shops, malls or retail outlets to get a certain thing which we need. Do we actually get compelled by all the branding or do we just pick up the stuff of our choice or that we had been using for years and are satisfied. Is there risk involved in trying a new brand. These all questions rise in our minds every time we go to retail outlets, therefore it’s important to brand that specific place which is called POP or POS in advertising. The place where the product is available must be designed, represented in a way that the customer gets so much attracted that he tends to buy the product. E.g. food items can have a great appetizing appeal in the imagery in the form of branding.


Refreshing, something you would really want to have. Same is the case with other items, the more appealing to the eye, the more sales and more customer demand.


This is a poster by Island Oasis representing few drinks it serves. Anyone looking at this, tired, thirsty would not let it go. It looks amazing with the beauty of bright colors and thirst quenching delights.

Designed Items Used for POP

Several items can be designed in reference to the establishment of the brand and services its providing. Few examples of point of purchase displays can be posters, shelf markers, mobiles, wobblers, door stickers, drop downs or even a kiosk.


In-house posters can serve an effective way of developing a reasonable relation of the brand and the customer. It serves as a reminder to people walking in the store that this brand prevails here. Poster is a good way of describing your product in detail or the services since the interaction level of the poster and the target customer is just of a few meters. He can read it see the images in detail and also can have a direct idea of what the brand is about. Posters come in general sizes like 18×23 inches or 20×30 inches. But other than these custom sizes can also be made depending on the availability of the size of the panel or wall on which it has to be displayed.




This campaign was developed in order to promote nestle delights in the season of Christmas. These in-house posters serve as a prominent platform not only to promote the brand, but in the clutter of all the other desserts being introduced in the Christmas season, these Nestle desserts look better, appealing, mouth watering. Use of words starting with “in” gives these posters a unique character.


Posters can also serve as a good way of depicting a certain promotional program of a certain brand. Just like in the above example, a contest being held by Sunsilk is being promoted through this poster which can reach thousands of people coming to retail markets. It can be placed in the beauty parlors, jewelry shops or anywhere where lots of women come. Thus posters are effective ways of reaching thousands of masses by being placed just at few places.

Shelf Markers

Shelf markers are labeling solutions. The shelf on which product is placed can have a label showing the product details or just the name or just the image. This catches the attention of the viewer as soon as he sees this branding. It compels the viewer to pick up the product being displayed in the form of shelf marker.


Shelf markers are usually very simple and direct since the space available to paste them onto the shelves is very small. It’s just a methodology to attract the customer.


Mobiles are hanging from the roof. They can be in cut outs or simple ones and pretty mobiles not only enhance the beauty of the shop but also serve as continuous reminder to the customer of a certain brand. With air when they revolve and rotate they look beautiful and movement always catches the eye.


Wobblers are 3D unique printable items which are very eye catching. One part of the wobbler is pasted against a flat surface and the bended extended portion hangs in the air giving a feeling of 3D. It’s wobbling around in the air which increases its credibility of being seen more.


Their construction can be very creative as to how they will wobble, which bending part is more durable that the whole structure does not get tore off.

Door Stickers

Door sticker printing though serve a purpose of telling a person either push or pull, but now they have become an effective way of endorsing a brand.


The new thematic of KitKat expressed different personalities different form ordinary based on the concept of “Have a break”. The same campaign showed two different characters along with the signs of push and pull and at the same time giving the concept of break.

Drop Downs

Drop downs are any printable item showing the direction towards the product. It’s a form of branding that shows the customer where is the exact place of our product so he doesn’t have to look for it in the whole retail outlet.


Kiosk is a small, separated garden pavilion open on some or all sides. Kiosks were common in Persia, India, Pakistan, and in the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century onward. Today, there are many kiosks in and around the Topkap? Palace in Istanbul, and they are still a relatively common sight in Greece.

In the Western hemisphere and in English-speaking countries, a kiosk is also a booth with an open window on one side. Some vendors operate from kiosks (see mall kiosk), selling small, inexpensive consumables such as newspapers, magazines, lighters, street maps, cigarettes, and confections.

Kiosk is a stall/booth where separately any product is available from the rest of the products. It gives a product unique identity and by separating gives value to a product. Glamorous, bright, colorful graphics have been seen on the kiosks to attract the customers.


In order to decide which items should be part of POP, it’s important to know the true essence of the brand and the target market.

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