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PPC and Remarketing – How to Grow Sales


Remarketing is a marketing method which allows retailers and businesses to stay in touch with site visitors who did not buy anything. It uses stored cookies as a way of allowing for targeted adverts to be used for that visitor, in an attempt to draw them back. These targeted adverts show up throughout the visitor’s journey through the web.

Remarketing adverts can appear in a variety of forms, both image and text, though text is generally used more. The adverts themselves come from Google AdWords and PPC, and appear on any and all pages which accept Google advertising placements.

Google remarketing is useful for competitive sales and retailer profiles, as it acts as a means of keeping the business and its reputation high in the minds of the visitors to the site, so that they will be more likely to return if and when they need the product for sale. When done correctly, it has huge effects on sales conversions for the businesses that use it. Remarketing works particularly well with PPC marketing, as they both have the same approach to marketing.

PPC marketing is also known as Pay-Per-Click marketing, which is a form of marketing where the retailer or business pays a small fee every time someone clicks on one of their adverts. This is sometimes called buying site visits, rather than using another form of marketing to draw them in naturally.

PPC advertising comes in various forms, but the most popular form is that of search engine advertising. This form of marketing involves a few steps: first, the retailer searches for appropriate keywords, so that they know what searches are being made by people who want their services. Then the retailer crafts adverts surrounding those keywords, to appear on the top of said searches. This method of marketing is useful for businesses which are not well known, as it allows them to appear on the top of search engines where it wouldn’t before.

AdWords management is something which works according to the same model: users bid for the keywords they want to use in their adverts, and when those adverts are clicked on, a small fee is paid. Remarketing is extremely flexible, and you can target users who visit specific pages on your website.

Both remarketing and PPC are extremely useful marketing strategies on their own, and the way they work makes them work well together. They both use keywords and rather unorthodox methods of marketing, so it is not surprising that they are often found together.

Remarketing and PPC are both useful for the following reasons:

  • You can create specific landing pages keyed to the keywords.
  • They can work in tandem – the remarketing brings adverts up on specific websites, and the PPC can word those websites.
  • Pay-Per-Click can lead previous visitors right back to the shopping cart through the right use of keywords.
  • Remarketing can be used to bring people back to the confirmation page. This works best for previous customers.


Remarketing and PPC marketing are both forms of marketing which, while deviating from the norm, are nonetheless forms of marketing which work well together. PPC company WillbeCoded in Toronto will be able to tell you if remarketing would be of any use to you based on the results from the PPC campaigns, and the success of any remarketing campaigns will be able to tell you if Pay-Per-Click would also be helpful. AdWords management is crucial for the success of either type of campaign, which is possible why they are such a natural fit together.

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