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Press Ads – Different Sizes, Placements and Copy


Advertising is a mode of communication which targets at some service or product and then urges the audience to take some desired action. Different modes of advertising compel different attitudes and actions. Advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various media; including traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages. Press ads refer to the advertising printed in newspapers or magazines. In modern times this industry has developed so much that millions of dollars are now spent on the publicity through widely read newspapers or magazines. Depending on the context of the brand, it is decided which communication language is required and in which newspaper or magazine. E.g. ads of tv shows can be published in magazines depending on the age group. Kids shows would be advertised in a magazine related to kids. Like the following ad

Press Ad - Wizards

Similarly many ads can be published in the newspapers but since newsprint quality is not too good so ads with lesser colors will appear good.

Press Ads - Purely Potato

Press ads refer to advertising to a mass number of people mainly through the following steps:

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Liking
  • Preference
  • Conviction
  • Purchase

Starting from the initial level of awareness, newspapers and magazines are the best way to create it in lesser amounts, till the end result of purchase. With the growing rate of internet usage, web ads and web banners are becoming more useful, even in these circumstances, newspapers still sell more. Easy, readily available and cheaper medium to advertise.

Press ads can be in varied sizes, the width of ads depends on columns of the newspapers, e.g. you can have 1 column or 2 column or 3 column or 4 column upto 8 column ad with varying heights.

1 column =3.8cm
2 column=7.8cm
3 column=11.8cm
4 column=15.8cm
5 column=19.8cm
6 column=23.8cm
7 column=27.8cm
8 column=31.8cm

1 column press ad

2 column press ad

2 Col Press Ad

3 column press ad

3 Column Press Ad

This is a very interesting example of 4 column ad, with spaces in between to make a complete image.

4 column ad

These are the standard widths of press ads depending on columns; the more columns the more expensive.

Placement of Ads

Placement of ads is also an important issue. If the brand is endorsed on the front page of the paper, more likely it will grab more audience but more expensive it will be. Similarly on the back page, inner second page are the places where you can draw more attention of people. Moreover it is also important to know which other ads are being published on that page. If the other ads are brighter, more colorful more vibrant, then definitely you have to work more on your ad to make it better than others. Classified section can also be used to advertise, but in that case you don’t have much space for creativity, either it will just be text or minimal imagery, or just the logo or the tagline. This is a very cheap method but risj factor is involved, what if you do not get the right response.

Press ads placements

Now you can very well se hoe ads are placed in newspapers, size and matter does matter.

Copy of the Ads

Copy of the ads is the most sensitive issue. The copywriter must exactly know what to address and to whom. It should be crispy and witty, less words and more meaning. Lesser the copy, greater appeal will your ad have. Press ads have the ability to reach to people through words, therefore when you have details or more information about the brand, press ads are preferred since they can accommodate more text. Press ads give all the information and the contact for future reference. Weekend newspapers are more selling, therefore people prefer to advertise in the newspapers on weekend edition since they have more chances to reach to a greater number of people.

Copy of ads

Now this ad has the ability to reach to people through words and mostly press ads are like that.

Press ads

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