Project Management Done Right: Choosing The Right Program For Your Needs

Organization is one of the most important factors impacting business success, and today maintaining a high level of order is easier than ever thanks to project management software. When choosing a project management system for your web design company, there are a few key features you should make sure are included.

Align Operational Needs

As a web design company, you’re likely working primarily with Mac systems and doing a lot of image management. This can take up a lot of storage space, but those in IT may have a difficult time tracking work volume if everything isn’t aggregated through a central program. Great project management software allows for up to the minute capacity planning so that you never run out of room.

Focus On App Integration

Choosing project management software shouldn’t totally upend your existing systems, but rather should integrate smoothly with them. Never choose a program that requires your company to completely change email clients, for example. Email is a core function of any business today and changing email systems inconveniences both in-house operations and client interactions.

Other apps come with more flexibility – whether or not you are willing to change them tends to depend on how well they’re already working. For example, if your current calendar system syncs poorly or otherwise hampers scheduling, you might try the internal calendar system that comes with your project management program.

Seek Vendor Support

While any project management software worth its weight should be manageable by in-house IT professionals and even those without significant tech expertise, you shouldn’t purchase any program that isn’t accompanied by strong provider support. Verify with other users that the software vendor will come troubleshoot major problems, rather than leaving you floundering once the purchase is complete.

Powers Of Evaluation

When choosing a project management software, many companies overlook what happens when a project is completed. One of the great added value features of project management software is the ability to evaluate and compare completed project. Did the same task take more or less time than before? Why? Good software offers you the ability to determine what works and what doesn’t and to correct course towards greater efficiency with each project.

Bring Your Team On Board

It’s not uncommon for companies to choose project management software based entirely on recommendations from upper management or IT. While these groups or individuals may have broad knowledge of company needs, they may not be the ones who will use the software on a day to day basis. Your team not only needs to provide input about your software choice, but should also be highly motivated to adopt the system. If your primary users hate the system, you’ll get nowhere, but a program your team is enthusiastic about can revolutionize the office environment.

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