How the World’s Most Promising Personalities Scheduled their Daily Routines

One calendar day is comprised of 24 hours with 1440 minutes. We have to schedule our routine according to this time scale during a working day. Definitely, it’s really challenging task to distribute your work that everything would be done on time and with efficient manner. In this concern human history is full of the stories of the legendary icons that plan their daily routine with a realistic strategy. Even in today’s fast innovative world people such as politicians, celebrities and sports personalities might not have much time for even a small chat.

It is fascinating to compare the daily routine of the history of creative people. These kinds of trends are showcasing amount of time that people spend in many productive activities. In 2013, the mega star in the world’s music industry “Beyonce” scheduled her daily 24 hrs in most surprising way. Similarly, Mason Currey’s daily schedule has been recorded in the Book of Daily Rituals.

The book also visualizes the time schedule of philosophers, artists, musicians, writers and other creative minds. Some of these creative minds work long day, late night by using alcohol and coffee to work for long hours. It is worth mentioning that these personalities have no common practices of daily set of rituals as compared to one another. On the basis of the list of historical personalities, we observed different habitual practices in their daily routine.

Lets have a look:

Beethoven (c.1822-1827)

You would like to have a class fruit juice in the morning, but Beethoven was busing in counting 60 beans of coffee for his good morning. He was always having a pencil and a few sheets in his pocket while walking. That’s why he was a good composer of all time.

Hugo (c.1852)

The renowned French writer was awakening with few gun shots from the fort. His daily routine includes, read letters of Juliette, visit a barber, riding and daily public bath on the house roof.

Thomas Mann (c.1943)

The famous German novelist, who won noble prize in 80’s, was punctual in the morning routine with a fresh bath and a cup of coffee. He was fond of reading, reviewing novels and entertaining guests.

Charles Darwin (c.1842-1859)

He was the famous English geologist and novelist. His morning was always started with small walk. He was working the entire day just stop for a tea and lunch. Even in bed he was busing in solving problems.

Benjamin Franklin (c.1771)

You might see the face of Franklin on the dollar notes. He always thinks at morning what to he should in the day and then reconcile at night. He was working the entire day and night.        

Here is full infographic: 


Source: HuffingtonPost

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